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Author Name: Muhammad Owais Rajput:


The art of playing with colors and transforming the dusty streets into a mesmerizing piece of colorful imagination is what artist eye can see.

The artist revive the old streets of Kharadar with his creativity;

Waheed Jee, a former actor who revive his passion to create his God gifted skills in his art of local streets of Karachi.

A sixty five-years-old man begins his career as a photographer when he was 8, learnt, grew and improvised his skills gave 35 years of his valuable life period.

'' I was an artist from the beginning of my journey" said Waheed Jee.

He works with hand colors and sharpen his skills through brides hand brush finishing.

"I think of myself good-looking enough to enter into acting and film making".

He sold his own MCV studio for his passion of acting, His interest in acting reaches limit, when he  got a first chance to work as a leading actor in Pakistani films known as ''Tadap" , "Galiyan Kuchay Bazaar", "Aankhein". In 1992, he got popularity with Lifebuoy advertisement. He became bankrupt after the death of his investment partner of his movie, then he chose to use his God Gifted skill, reversed back to embrace his passion and become an Artist.


Empty Pockets reawakens his sketching skills.

Abdul Waheed Khan, a hardworking man belongs to middle class background gets discouragement for being an artist from his family, but this never refrains him to lose his hope.

He kept on going with life ups and down currently found as a sketch artist and a painter in Karachi's atrium mall offering live sketch in 10 minutes with charges 250Pkr and portraits with different negotiable prices.

"People love to make their live sketches like newly married couples, friend group etc.

One of his creations depicting expression of Love and Joy;

Artist knows how to play with colors:

The artist successfully depicts the old dusty streets of Karachi with his tremendous color creation and revive them with colors.

"I captured the photo of streets and filled the colors of my choice according to my creativity to make it eye-catchy" says Waheed Jee.

He charges his paintings on the basis of amount of time and efforts he puts in to create it, mostly ranging from 10,000 pkr to 20,000 pkr.

"Art gallery did not value my portraits according to my expectation"

The exceptional painting of an artist which worth minimum around 10,000 PKR, renowned authorities bought that painting in under 5,000 PKR and sell it internationally in 200 USD to 300 USD, this is what the devaluation of the real talent is.

Self-made Artist living his life:

A self-made artist in his 60s living his life on his own principles and passion. In his 57 years of career, he never beg in front of anyone even in his struggling time, got zero support from family and friends.

"Gratefully to Almighty, I am earning on my own and doing paintings without any support, even my son who live in abroad, didn't support me to sell my art there".

Waheed Jee's exceptional artworks have been placed and sold in the art galleries however he soon isolate him as an artist with his art because the paintings were not valued over his expectation.

'' my paintings were not valued the way i expected".

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