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If you are looking for a job in Sharjah, you might have come across some ads that promise you a lucrative position with a well-established company. However, not all of these ads are genuine. In fact, some of them are part of a scam that aims to cheat unsuspecting jobseekers out of their money.


How does the scam work?

The scam works by luring jobseekers with attractive offers that seem too good to be true. The fake recruitment agencies post ads on various platforms, such as newspapers, websites, or social media. They use the names and logos of reputable companies to make their ads look authentic.

When a jobseeker contacts them, they ask them to come for an interview at their office, which is usually located in a hotel or a tower in Sharjah. They also ask them to bring their CV and other documents, such as passport copy, visa copy, or bank statement.

At the interview, they ask the jobseeker some basic questions and then tell them that they have been selected for the job. However, they also tell them that they have to pay a fee for the registration, processing, or confirmation of their application. The fee can range from Dh300 to Dh500 or more.

They claim that the fee is refundable or deductible from their salary once they join the company. They also give them a receipt and a fake offer letter that has the name and logo of the company they applied for. They tell them that they will receive a call from the HR manager of the company soon.

However, after paying the fee, the jobseeker never hears from them again. They either stop answering their calls or block their number. They also change their office location frequently to avoid being caught by the authorities.


How to avoid falling for the scam?

To avoid falling victim to this scam, you should be aware of the following signs:

- The recruitment agency asks you to pay any kind of fee for applying for a job. This is illegal in the UAE and no legitimate agency will do that.

- The recruitment agency does not have a proper website, email address, or landline number. They only use mobile numbers or free email services like Gmail or Yahoo.

- The recruitment agency does not conduct a proper interview with you. They only ask you some general questions and then tell you that you are hired.

- The recruitment agency gives you an offer letter that has spelling or grammatical errors, or does not match the format or style of the company you applied for.

- The recruitment agency does not give you any details about the company, such as its location, contact number, or website. They only tell you to wait for a call from the HR manager.


What should I do if I have already paid the fee?

If you have already paid the fee to a fake recruitment agency, you should not lose hope. You can still try to recover your money and get justice. Here are some steps you can take:

- Contact your bank and inform them about the fraudulent transaction. They might be able to reverse or cancel the payment if it was done through a credit or debit card.

- Keep all the evidence of your interaction with the fake recruitment agency, such as the receipt, the offer letter, the ad, or any messages or emails. You will need them to prove your case.

- File a complaint with the authorities as soon as possible. You can use any of the channels mentioned above (MOHRE, SEDD, SCPD, or police). Provide them with all the details and evidence of your case and ask them to take action against the fraudsters.

- Follow up with your complaint regularly and check for any updates or progress. You can also seek legal advice from a lawyer if you need further assistance.


Some of the fake recruitment agencies in Sharjah that have been reported by job seekers are:

- Al Ameen Recruitment Services

- Al Faisal International

- Al Maha Group

- Al Naseem Consultancy

- Al Qasim Manpower

- Al Raziq HR Solutions

- Al Safa Recruitment

- Al Shamsi Group

- Al Waha International

- Bin Ali Enterprises

- Gulf Job Finder

- Gulf Talent Services

- Middle East Jobs

- Sharjah Job Portal

- UAE Job Zone

If you encounter any of these agencies, or any other suspicious ones, do not respond to them or pay them any money. Report them to the authorities and warn your friends and family. To avoid falling victim to fake recruitment agencies, follow these tips:


- Do your research. Check the reputation and credibility of the agency before applying for any job or registering with them. Look for reviews, testimonials, or complaints online. Contact the agency directly and ask for their license number and physical address.

- Do not pay any money. No legitimate recruitment agency will ask you to pay any fees for finding a job. If they do, it is a red flag that they are a scam. Do not pay any money for registration, visa, training, or any other service. If they insist, walk away and report them.

- Do not share any personal or financial information. Never give out your bank account details, credit card number, passport copy, or any other sensitive information to anyone over the phone or email. This can be used for identity theft or fraud. Only share your CV and basic contact details with trusted agencies.

- Do not accept any job offer without an interview. A genuine recruitment agency will conduct an interview with you before offering you a job. They will also verify your qualifications and experience. If they offer you a job without an interview, it is likely a fake one. Do not accept it or sign any contract without reading it carefully.


How to report a fake recruitment agency?

If you have been scammed by a fake recruitment agency, you should report them to the authorities as soon as possible. You can do this by:

- Filing a complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) through their website (, hotline (80060), or app (MOHRE UAE).

- Filing a complaint with the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) through their website (, hotline (80080000), or app (SEDD).

- Filing a complaint with the Sharjah Consumer Protection Department (SCPD) through their website (, hotline (600525500), or app (Sharjah Consumer).

- Filing a complaint with the police through their website (, hotline (901), or app (Sharjah Police).

You should also spread awareness among your friends and family about this scam and warn them not to fall for it.



Fake recruitment agencies are a serious problem in Sharjah and other parts of the UAE. They prey on desperate jobseekers who are looking for better opportunities. They use deceptive tactics to trick them into paying money for non-existent jobs.

To protect yourself from this scam, you should always do your research before applying for any job. You should also never pay any money to any recruitment agency for any reason. You should also report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities and help them stop these fraudsters.

If you know of more fake recruitment or visa agencies in Sharjah or Ajman or other emirates in UAE, you can add their names in the comment section below so that everyone can be informed about them and be safe. Thanks for reading!

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