Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Work for Your Vape Shops

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Are you looking for ways to make your vape shop a global sensation? Do you want to see your vape juice an essential part of every vape shop around the globe? You can do so with the help of email marketing and connect your vape brand with countless vape shops around the globe and boost the sales of your e-liquids.

You can transform your vape ship into a money-making source with efficient email marketing strategies. Since vaping is relatively new in the markets, not many are familiar with this technology, which can make it a little hard to market.

Email Marketing Helps You Build Trust

If you already know your target audience, then the next step involves building trust – one of the easiest ways to build trust is through email marketing. You know how marketing works – marketing is all about creating contacts. These contacts are crucial as they are more likely to convert into sales.

To transform the contacts into returning clients, you will need to be transparent – even in your email communications. For instance, you have to be clear about when your vape juice expires and everything else that your customers should know about your shop.

As a marketer of your vape brand, you should be ready to serve your potential clients since people will subscribe to your emails, and you will have to provide them with what you promised them at the time of reaching out to them.

How is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

If you think about it, email marketing is skyrocketing, although text marketing is more of a thing now – the truth is that people still check their emails and use email services. According to global reports, nearly 80% of worldwide consumers prefer email for communicating with a brand or business.

This aspect is enough to have established the fact that email marketing works! Now that we have cleared the doubts, we can move on to the next part, where we focus on how you can make your email marketing campaigns work for your vape shops.

Since you already know that email marketing is effective, you won’t have to worry about developing a strategy from scratch. But, you will have to keep in mind that consumer behaviour has changed, and so has the online landscape where most of the businesses take place.

That said, you will have to incorporate the right email marketing strategies that will work in 2022 and beyond.
Here is how to make your email marketing strategy a success:

Choose an Email Provider

You have a wide variety of email software providers to choose from. However, before you choose one, keep your eyes open for the following:
  1. Ensure that the email software provider allows personal branding.
  2. Never buy an email software provider before running a free trial – the trial will provide you with a clear idea about the functionalities and capabilities of the platform.
  3. Ensure that the email software provider has loads of templates.
  4. The email software provider should be able to integrate with your other marketing tools.

Establish an Email Contact List

You can ask any customer visiting your shop or purchasing from you to sign up or provide you with their email. You might ask them to sign up for your newsletters or promotional emails so that they instantly know about sales and promotions.

This is one of the easiest ways to initiate an email contact list – soon, you will see a growth in your email audience. There are different methods to grow your contact list:
  1. Offer incentives with welcome pop-ups.
  2. Use pop-ups that appear when a potential client wants to exit your website.
  3. You can also use a call-to-action pop-up that appears when a user has scrolled to the end of the content, such as a how-to-guide about cleaning vapes. The pop-up will invite the reader(s) to submit their email or subscribe to a newsletter, so they don’t miss out on any new content. 

Final Thoughts

Email marketing requires minimum effort and is still a powerful tool to increase sales, make a loyal customer base, and take your vape shop to the next level. All you need is a good email marketing provider since it will allow you to focus on other areas of your vape business.
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