Maryam Fatima tries to revive Islamic Art

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Whenever a person persue's his /her career in calligraphy, there is nothing such as final destination. The more you learn about it , the more you evolve. It denotes symbols, signs with the combination of different colors ,fonts and styles  and the most important thing for Calligraphy are the healthy hands. It can be said that the calligraphy is an evergreen journey and when it merged with a particular religion , then it becomes more soothing and satisfying. This form of art is much appreciated in the Muslim world  .But unfortunately Islamic Callipgraphy is something that has a lot  of significance with less people who are passionate about it.


Artist With Manifesting Master Pieces:

Maryam Fatima , a 22 years old woman persuing art, in the form of Islamic Calligraphy, She aims to upbring her Islamic Callipgraphy skills through her glamorous Artwork .Karachi based Artist , Maryam Fatima with one of her artwork.


She started painting two years ago. Artist further says , It is a self “ Exploration journey for me œSuleman Rehman has been my inspiration since the beginning of my journey. I started this journey of calligraphy at the time of COVID-19.She stated , when there is nothing much to focus on I found my interest in calligraphy , While the thing that support my Islamic Calligraphy art was the command of Urdu Writing and it has been proved much helpful for me to analyse the calligraphy skills.

Putting Passion Into Profession:

She started making art work of Islamic Callipgraphy. She applied for some courses in Turkish foundation and completed the two courses of calligraphy scripts . With her hardwork and efforts she manage to ace the exam and her calligraphy was approved . And now in the return of her investment she makes customized artworks and market them on different platforms for the purpose of earning. Furthermore, she works at her own home studio and teaches the students through her skills along with the knowledge concepts and stories she portrays through her Islamic Calligraphy.

She values art by quoting some beautiful words,


œI believe, what you cannot express through feelings you can express through art


In today's world, a person is known for the difference he/she makes in the existing work and its procedures. Uniqueness of Maryam Fatima is that the art she portrays in her artwork, is having a background of that specific incident . Each and every calligraphy art has a background , a concept , story along with the Quranic References . For Example: œ Ayat “ e “ kareema and the whole story related to it has been portrayed in her calligraphy.


Achievements Of Maryam Fatima:

Maryam has made various artworks and by a Turkish Art School œDeen Arts She got two certifications of the Calligrpahy Script namely, œDIWANI and œRIQAH .Through art she gained a good following of people appreciating her artwork . She had been in a art exhibition in January, 2022 at Art Council Karachi named as œ Almeeristic Art Exhibition

The Artists and Visitors were astonished to see her Islamic Calligrpaghy and appreciated her efforts. Maryam ˜s aim is to become one of the best artist representing Islamic Callipgraphy .She further desires to master the distinctive form of artwork.



If you want to have a look on the master piece artworks then you may visit the following links:

The writers are BBA Student at IQRA UNIVERSITY and can be reached out at the following Gmail:



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    Muhammad Awais khan

    This is an amazing blog. I am so proud of you for making this far. Your dedication, hard work and skills brought you this far. Keep it up and keep doing what you love!

    May 27, 2022
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    Rameen Rashid

    I am so proud of u and seeing u coming this far really makes me proud and overwhelmed, way more achievement coming ur way Keep it up!!

    May 20, 2022
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