Mazda 9 Car Made In Afghanistan

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About Very first Afghan-Made Sports Vehicle

The Afghanistan Specialized Professional Foundation said that the formation of the very first games vehicle in Afghanistan has given a confident picture to the country that has experienced many years of contentions.

The top of the Afghanistan Specialized Professional Foundation, Ghulam Haidar Shuhamat, said that endeavors are in progress to give the ground to investigating of gifts inside the country.

"The specialty that this vehicle has is that it has been made in Afghanistan and no such vehicle has been made on the planet. Afghanistan has been a nation known for wars and clashes and hopelessness however presently such a vehicle has been made here," he said. "Second, it has a one of a kind plan… Third, it is solidified and light gauge."

The originator of the vehicle said that the vehicle is equipped for worldwide rivalry.

Mohammad Riza Ahmadi, an architect, said he has gotten many proposals for the vehicle however the vehicle isn't available to be purchased.

The vehicle was made by a group of around 30 individuals more than five years in Afghanistan at the Specialized Professional Foundation.

"The interest for acquisition of the vehicle has been both at public and worldwide levels however the offers we get are not norm. We have delivered it for contest in the worldwide business sectors and we desire to get appropriate offers," Ahmad said 

Different designers said they will proceed with their endeavors to offer more developments.

"I came for working here, and I tracked down my place. The people who hear me, I would advise them to seek after their fantasies and abilities," said Ali Salmanian, an individual from the Entop Organization.

"Our desire from the young is to utilize their chances and work through groups since, in such a case that they know or plan, it is unimaginable to expect to do it single-handedly," said Amanullah, an individual from the Entop Organization.

The vehicle presently can't seem to be completely finished and it is normal that the vehicle will be shown in all regions of the country.

The vehicle was shown off on the primary day of snow in December 2022.

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