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Do you like taking quizzes? Do you like taking quizzes to learn interesting facts about yourself? You've most likely taken quizzes such as men type for women, zodiac sign quiz, personality quiz, and others. Some quizzes are gender-specific, such as this 'men type quiz for women.' These tests reveal the subconscious's preferred options. These quizzes can reveal a lot about our personalities and hidden preferences.

Clarinette designed this simple male style quiz for women. This questionnaire is designed to find out what you like in men. This quiz determines which gender's feature is preferred by the other.


How Do You Play the Women's Men Type Quiz?

To take this quiz and share it on social media, click here. You must select the best answer for each of the questions. The quiz results show your preference for men and the qualities that appeal to you.


Quiz questions:

The man or woman quiz contains several questions that reveal a lot about someone. The questions may include inquiries about your physical attractiveness, height, body, shape, hair, and other physical characteristics.

The survey will also ask you questions about the type of person you want, such as "do you want a compassionate man?" and "do you want an emotionally powerful man?"

Other questions in the quiz could be about a great date spot. 'Would you prefer a restaurant or the movies for your first date?' These questions will help the quiz creators sort the appropriate result for you.


Why Play This Quizzes

Quizzes are purely for entertainment purposes. It is neither encouraged nor recommended that you base your search on the results of the quiz. The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn a little bit about a woman's preferences in males.



Thousands of women all over the world use the men-type quiz to find their ideal mate. This questionnaire assists women in determining the type of men they prefer and which men are a good match for them. Quizzes don’t just help you find your perfect match; moreover, by playing quizzes, you can become a Millionaire. Try playing a quiz game in your next presentation by using this Free Who Wants to Be a Millionaire template, and add fun to the next presentation. If you want us to include a quiz, please leave a comment with the questions and answers you want us to include.

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