Metal Roofing Installation - A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you still looking for the best Atlanta Roofing Company to make your roof as good as new? We understand that selecting the best roofing for your home is a very complex process. It requires the utmost attention, research, and whatnot. Many of the best roofing services provide different types of roofing, such as cedar shake, shingles, and more. But, every year in Atlanta, more and more homeowners opt for metal roofing nowadays.

The reason is that it has strong durability and less maintenance. 

If you plan to change your roof’s design, a metal roof will be an excellent choice and a better investment. It will protect your home from natural calamities like hurricanes and other natural disasters. But installing a metal roof on your own can take much work. 

And choosing which metal panels you want on your top takes time. 

In this guide, we'll help you learn about metal roofing installation. We will share our knowledge on when you should install metal roofing and those essential tools you should keep in mind before giving the project the green light.

Why Metal Roofing is A Smart Idea?

Professional roofing services save you a lot of expense, especially when you want to save on your air conditioning costs. Also, the metal is very effective in reflecting away the solar radiation. And on top of that, an adequately coated metal roof will last a lifetime! Although a metal roof may cost you more, it will be less costly than replacing your roof every 20 years.

When You Should Install Metal Roofing?

If your roof has suffered multiple damage in the past years, it's time to switch to metal roofing. Call it a blessing that metal roofing can withstand just about everything. 

The installation is divided into two different ways to help you choose better.

Installing During Peak Roofing Season: Suppose you're thinking of installing roofing during the peak roofing season. In that case, your job will likely get delayed. Georgia has a driest season, which is ideal for roof work. The reason is that roofers have a full schedule during this time. Also, a busy season means higher prices. 

Installing During Off-Season: Winters are a great time for metal roofing installation. Also, it helps in improving your home’s energy efficiency. During the winter season, homeowners have the problems of excessive snow and ice build-ups. And it can put a lot of pressure on the walls and the foundations of homes. But metal roofing solutions will make the icefall much easier than a shingle roof.

Metal Roof Installation Methods

The metal roofing installation is done in two ways, i.e., a new construction or retrofit. 

New Construction

In new construction, the metal panels are installed from scratch, which means first, the plywood is installed, and the deck material is covered with underlayment material. With underlayments, they will be shedding water during the construction. 


The second method is recovery or overlay, which means removing or replacing the damaged roof areas. To understand it thoroughly, this option involves the installation of a new roof on top of an existing roof. This method eliminates the cost of labor and also the disposal of existing roof or its related components.

The Six Components of Metal Roof Installation

Below are the following core components that involve the metal roof installation. 

Underlayment: Many Atlanta roofing contractors use synthetic underlayments that offer benefits compared with those early generation felt paper. These are easy to install with better durability.

Substrate: It refers to the material used to cover the joists and rafters. Planking, plywood, and oriented strand boards are attached to the roof framing to create the roof's surface for attaching the underlayment and metal panels.

Metal Roof Panels: They come in various sizes, colors, and profiles. These panels require their fasteners replaced after 20 to 25 years. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to do. Still, many homeowners opt for concealed fasteners or standing seam-style roofing panels. The reason is that they help reduce the leaks and less maintenance.

Sealants: Sealants and Butyle tapes help keep metal-to-metal connections. They cover the laps and junctions and adjoin the trims and panels. Talking about the bonds, they should adhere to the metal surfaces. It will add elasticity when the metal expands or contracts with changing weather conditions.


Essential Tools Required For Metal Roof Installation

Here are the vital tools required for metal roof installation:

  • Screw Gun: This tool gets the job done to join or tighten thousands of fasteners quickly.

  • Shears: Used for cutting the metal panels on site to fit the required size.

  • Nibbers: Great tool for quick cutting or manually cutting the metal panels.

  • Seaming Tool: Used for folding the panel seams and locking them together. It is best for smaller jobs or areas that are hard to reach. 

Safety Considerations

When you're planning to install metal roofing, safety is the most crucial step. Always make sure to prioritize safety when you work above ground. Wearing safety goggles and gloves must be essential to your roofing supplies. 

They should be worn to prevent injury using tools such as power drill saws or cutting the metal roofing. Make sure that there are no electric wires that are left over the roof.

Wrapping It Up

Therefore, these are some essential yet important information about metal roof installation. By installing metal roofing, you can even add value to your outdoor living landscape design. 

If you have a patio in your outdoor living area, you can decorate it using a metal roof. But for that, it's essential to find the right landscape design services. 

We recommend visiting Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces. They offer comprehensive landscape as well as roofing services. The team is also well-versed in creating unique and professional backyard designs

Visit their site today to learn more about their other services and more. 

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