Behram Farooqi Reviving Miniature Art In Pakistan

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Every culture on this globe has produced objects of visual interest, involving ornaments, designs, drawings, and abstraction which is called Visual Art.

Miniatures are one of the art genres where scale is defined by the purpose of the works.

Miniature painting is a style and technique of painting, and as such, a wall sized work could be painted œin miniature. Miniature painting was also called limning in its beginnings during the 16th“ 17th centuries.

House Structure Made Up Of Card Board

In today's world it is found to be more common. Today, we have a work of a third year university student of visual studies, Behram Farooqi, he is brilliantly working to promote this art genre. The power of art forced to convert himself from a medical student into an art student.

Our God gifted young artist started journey for his art work at the age of 18 by getting admission in a painting short course and started a new colorful life.

He works on different mediums like paints, sketching, and card boards to create miniatures which are on minor scale but in extreme detail.

"I love to do detail, challenging and realistic working of miniature, that gives me inner joy, the 22 years old mentioned.

A Cardboard Building Structure Detailed With Painting

He made house, building's structures as well as portraits from card boards and then do detailing on it with markers or paints which is extremely time taking part and is also the work of patience, but only passionate artists can do this.

When we asked him about his any memorable occasion related to his art work so, he mentioned, "When my art was displayed for the first time in Art Council which was an independent platform and is for general public, so that was quite memorable for me".

He also sells his art pieces and does paintings on demand as he mentioned, "People comes to me for their self- portraits or to do theme paintings for them on commission".

He got different certificates from many exhibitions; one of them was from Art Council which is quite memorable for our young artist.

A Cardboard Portrait

Apart from society's old negative point of view about art, that, this field have no scope in future life, Behram Farooqi is working on it passionately, as this field is now evolving in present as well as in future.

According to our young generation's point of view, Art is the booster for our life which can't be categorized as only paintings, sketching or movies because collection of these all is called Visual Art and without them our lives will be tasteless and boring.

"Art is color of life to me and if any of the elements of art is missing then the life will be considered non colorful", fiery artist quoted.

The skillful and highly abled artist, Behram Farooqi is looking forward to achieve his future goals, firstly, by completing his degree projects as soon as possible with unique ideas and then to work as a dexterous artist and want to arrange exhibitions for his artistry and adroitness and to provide platform for the encouragement of upcoming artists.

Being a part of youth, our under way growing deft artist gives a little guide to our upcoming generations as he advised ," Whether you are an artist or not, want to join this field or not, it is your choice but if you do something which you think that is artistic, just keep doing it, don't care about negative criticisms of society and one day everyone will see you achieving your goals and success.

Behram Farooqi is working on miniatures to become an inspiration for our upcoming artists and hoping that the value of miniatures in Pakistan will be enhance in future and more youth will come to this part of art.    

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