Mobile EHR/EMR Solutions: Accessing Patient Data Anytime, Anywhere

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Did you know that there are more mobile phones than people on earth? Well, that’s true as cited by the World Economic Forum in 2022. As of now, there are more than 8.58 billion mobile phones in use and the world population stands at around 8 billion people.

With these stats and mobile phones becoming an integral part of our day-to-day lives, imaging a world without phones is quite hard. Leveraging the power and influence of this technology, mobile EHR (Electronic Health Records) have enabled providers and patients to access healthcare services and medical health records anytime and anywhere. All you require is just a smartphone with an internet connection.

Let’s discuss the mobile EHR solutions in brief and how it is changing the landscape of the 21st century healthcare system in this blog below.


Benefits of Mobile EHR/EMR Solutions

Smartphones and tablets are becoming inseparable tools in the modern-day healthcare delivery system. With mobile EHR care teams can access vital patient data at their convenience. This has increased the accessibility to healthcare much more comfortably and has had an impact on the entire healthcare system by improving efficiency, patient care and health outcomes.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of Mobile EHR/EMR solutions:


1. Improved Care Coordination

Imagine yourself as a healthcare provider and you are on the way towards your clinic. During your trip, you get a notification from one of your patients inquiring about their treatment plan. To consult him in a better way you need to refer to their patient record. With mobile EHR you can easily access the patient’s medical records on your smartphone and answer his concerns.

In case of any major issue, you can also inform other members of your care team in real time and enhance the care delivery. Improved care coordination with easy access to health records is one of the major benefits of mobile EHR and it is changing accessibility of care by actively involving everyone.


2. Time Saving

One of the most interesting facts about smartphone usage is that, on an average a person checks their phone every 6 minutes. By real-time notifications and alerts on mobile phones with mobile EHR, providers can effectively reduce the wait time and provide better healthcare services at a faster rate.

For patients with access to mobile EHR, they can easily schedule their appointments on the go. This increases patient engagement and satisfaction who find it difficult to go for regular visits as they are busy travelling between different cities.


3. Flexibility and Accessibility

Mobile phones are portable devices and with mobile EHR, flexibility it offers in providing care services is the biggest advantage for healthcare providers. Quick and easy access with their smartphones enables providers to carry important health information wherever they go. 

Even the patients using mobile EHR can access their health records. This makes care delivery a continuous process while maintaining consistency. Flexibility and accessibility to health records have made healthcare delivery much faster and convenient.


4. Improved Patient Safety

Managing patient health information (PHI) always has come with security concerns with high chances of hacking or losing. However, mobile EHR applications can also be as secure as they are on desktop applications, if not more. By complying with guidelines set by HIPPA or GDPR regulations, security of mobile data can be enhanced. 

Mobile EHR also reduces the chances of repeated tests and treatments by real-time updates. Along with that, features like patient alarms, prescription interactions and medications enhances the communication and minimizes the margin of errors and unfavorable outcomes, further increasing patient safety.


Features of Mobile EHR/EMR Solutions

What makes mobile EHR/EMR solutions so unique and different from traditional EHR/EMR solutions are its features.

Here are some of the features that makes it stand out from the crowd:


1. Security and Privacy Measures

Mobile EHR solutions have strong encryptions and multi-factor authentication which comply with the privacy laws increases security. Along with that, with a unique function of remote wiping of data, unauthorized access can be easily eliminated in case the device is lost or stolen.


2. Intuitive and User-friendly Interface

With advancements, using a mobile phone has become much easier for everyone than computers. This means with an easy to use interface and smooth navigation, healthcare professionals can effectively use the mobile EHR systems. Furthermore, care teams can easily tailor their customer experience by customizing the dashboards.


3. Offline Access

Recent developments in mobile EHR systems have enabled healthcare service providers to access health data without any internet connection. The offline access helps the care teams to view PHI easily anytime and anywhere.


4. Integration with Other Systems

Healthcare professionals need to get a complete picture of a patient's healthcare information to enhance the healthcare system. This has been made possible by seamless integration of mobile EHR systems with other systems like labs, pharmacies and even billing and insurance.


5. Advanced Prescription Capabilities

Some of the mobile EHR systems have also included prescriptions capabilities to further enhance healthcare services. Physicians can effectively use this feature to suggest prescriptions to patients in real time, providing them better treatment and faster healthcare services.


Future Trends and Considerations

Mobile EHR/EMR systems have enhanced the healthcare system by increasing accessibility of healthcare services. Moreover, the upcoming trends in the healthcare services will shape the future of the healthcare industry.

Some of the most anticipated trends in mobile EHR systems is going to be the inclusion of AI and machine learning in decision making and automating routine tasks. Mobile EHR have also opened a convenient door to virtual care with the integration of telehealth platforms. 

The recent trends in blockchain technology have further enhanced the security of PHI and its inclusion in mobile EHR can ensure the integrity and transparency of the modern-day healthcare system. The future of mobile EHR solutions aims for empowering both patients and providers to make the healthcare industry accessible and better for everyone.



Mobile phones have become an integral part of our day to day lives. Its involvement in the modern day healthcare system has played a crucial role in revolutionizing the way we approach care. Mobile EHR systems have reduced the burden of healthcare professionals by improving healthcare delivery, increasing patient safety and promoting data based decisions for better patient outcomes. Furthermore, mobile EHR has enhanced the healthcare industry by enabling access to patient data anytime and anywhere as the title reads.

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