Moon Water 101: Everything You Need To Know

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The moon is indeed fascinating. Its gravitational pull is what causes the ocean's high and low tides. For millennia, many people believed that the moon is a powerful thing and can affect how people act. The word "lunatic," which we used to describe madness” was taken from the Latin term "Lunaticus," which means "of the moon" or "moonstruck." Because of the power that the moon accounted for, many have started consuming moon water to get the benefit of it, and recently it has gained favor in the wellness industry.

However, keep in mind that no research has been done to support or refute the moon's ability to charge water with its energy. It is unclear whether there is any truth to this claim. But trying it never hurts, right? You can see for yourself whether the moon water works for you or not.


What Is Moon Water?

Making moon water is a practice that essentially aims for the moon's energy to transform water into a salve, elixir, and energizer. Usually, its goal is to aid in emotional and spiritual healing or transformation.

A full moon is said to aid in letting go of unfavourable feelings and things that could limit our potential. Moon water can be produced at any time of the lunar cycle, but it is commonly produced during a full moon when the moon is at its brightest. Moon water is customarily charged at night under the light of a full moon when lunar energy is at its strongest. But many believe that we should never create moon water during the eclipse.


What Is The Benefit Of Moon Water?

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, the full moon has extraordinary power and can affect your emotions, thoughts, and even your nervous system. According to folklore, lunar energy may relax and calm the body, lowering inflammation and resetting imbalances, including hormonal ones, tension, and anxiety.

You can make moon water by allowing water to charge outside when the moonlight is shining. There is an energetic link between the water element and the moon. This is because the moon influences ocean tides. You can make a concoction that can be used for everything, from watering plants, to adding to your ritual baths, or cleaning your house. There are so many things that you can do with moon water.


How To Make Moon Water

How to make moon water? It's very simple and doesn't require a lot of resources or time. You can make it by only utilizing three things, glass containers, water, and germs or herbs that you want to infuse inside the moon water.


Follow these instructions below to make the moon water:

- Fill the inside of your glass bottle with water. Be sure to choose water that is safe to consume because, in the end, you intend to consume it.

- Locate the area where the moon is brightest. Put your glass of water in the least-obstructed area where it can absorb moonlight.

- Direct your thoughts toward the water. Think about how you want your moon water to help you heal or transform. Say it aloud or simply take some time to think about it.

- Add flowers, gems, or herbs to it. Using various plants or crystals may help to intensify any specific energies you wish to add to the water. For instance, adding lavender”in herb or oil form”can help you feel more at ease and relaxed.

- Place the container under the moon overnight, don't forget to put a lid on it or cover it with plastic wrap to keep dust and debris out.

- Take your freshly prepared moon water in the morning and use it however you want.


How To Use Moon Water

Moon water can be used for a variety of spiritual rites, but it can also be utilized for everyday routines, to practice meditation, or just for fun. In the end, you can use moon water however you like. Here are a few examples of what you can do with it.


To consume

To boost energy and/or treat any minor illnesses, boil your moon water and add it to your tea. Drink it every morning before you start your day.


To clean your house

To cleanse your home more thoroughly and spiritually, mix a little moon water into your cleaning solution.


Taking a bath

Many believe that making moon water, and at the same time soaking your body in it, will increase the potential it has for yourself.


Make it into perfumes

You can mix your perfume with a little moon water, so whenever you spritz the perfume on your body “you will not only smell good but your mood will also be lifted each time you use it.


Important Thing To Remember

Check the moon's zodiac sign before choosing which lunar phase it currently is in. Because different lunar phases could alter the water's energy. For instance, moon water charged under a full moon of Taurus“is ruled by Venus, thus it can help to promote romance and intensify pleasure in your life.

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