A Master of Vector Art With Masters in Business Administration

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Art is the expression of creative skills of human beings in a visual form like painting. It is the product of imagination and creativity in a physical form. There are many forms of art just like that Lines art and vector art. Lines and vector art are the basic elements of art that consist of lines and geometrical shapes.

Karachi based citizen Muhammad Hammad is graduated from Hamdard University is one of the most talented artist. Art has great importance in his life. He likes to do vector and lines Art as according to him Islam forbid us to make faces. He draw such art in which faces are not much clear. He makes art wherever he wants like on walls, tables etc.

Hammad, Showing his skills of Vector Art on wall

There was a time he didn’t even know how to draw anything. At that time he can’t even think that he can be one day an artist because he used hate to drawing in his school time but on one fine day during the days of his depression he picked up a pencil and start drawing what his mind says. As he started drawing he felt so light just as all the burden on his soul has been vanished. Art make us able to find ourselves as well as loses ourselves in the solace at the same time.

He likes geometric based art because it is his peace of mind. He started drawing when it was his depressed days of life. But luckily he found a relief and calm in art. He said: “Art is the only thing that gives me peace of mind. I just lost while creating something. It gives me solace. It is what I want to do.”

According to him: “Art is medicine. It heals wounds of the soul. It is unpaid therapy and a loyal companion to me.” Because it was only art which took him out of depression. He never found relief from stress except art. He is well educated person who does job. He said he doesn’t make art his profession because he thinks in Pakistan an artist cannot earn as much to spend a luxurious life. So art is his leisure time hobby and a medicine to his sole.

The writer is a BBA Student at IQRA UNIVERSITY and can be reached out at the following Gmail:

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