Muhammad Jawad Ahmed Jan - a sketch artist from Karachi

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Jawad Ahmed Jan: If one wants to change his life, a needle of the pencil is enough

Author: Naveed Ahmed

We have seen the injustice done by mansions, but we haven't acknowledged the injustice done to the slum.

Things which are equal will always remain equal and same to each other. Talent doesn't require symbolism, it requires self believe, confidence, will to follow the passion and containment despite all the desperate and harmful situation, still moving forward to achieve the goals one sets for one's life. Let me take you on a journey of a man, who despite of his circumstances, lack of resources followed his dreams and became a symbol of hope and made his country proud. It's very rare to found someone with such a background and still achieving the most, which most of us, living in mansions with all the resources can't achieve.

Some say, Art is the way to express, portray and show the inner side of someone's real self. Muhammad Jawad Ahmed Jan, a sketch artist who was born and raised in Lyari, a slum placed in Karachi, an area which used to be sort out as one of the most violent, fraught with criminal activities by gangs, racial and political clashes. In the winds of Lyari Baghdadi locality where he puts his talent for canvas. Shot to fame on social media for his Art, Mr. Jawad had a very humble beginning and one of the most exquisite person I met.

In a series of question, he told me that his inspiration was his father, though his father was a govt employee, but he was very much into arts specially paintings. While seeing his father painting, Mr. Jawad had an astonishing effect on him. 

A 20 year old artist states in his interview that ˜In academics he wasn't much interested in compulsory subjects, and instead he painted his class work copies with his Sketches'. His father noticing the fact and interest of my arts, recommended me to learn more and guided me to Mr.

Prem Chand. From there things started to wrap up.

In 2017 I made a sketch of Mr. Morgan freeman a very renowned actor of Hollywood. The sketch was taken by the masses as a very fine piece of art and acclaimed as one of the best sketches on social media. 

Following the events he mentioned, Mr. Shahid Rassam Principal of Arts council approached me and gave me hundred percent scholarship. It's been four years now, during these years I received many offers, even from NCA, one of the most prestigious institution, but I had to refuse as Mr. Shahid Rassam was the first one to recognize me and supported me as a complete artist and I will never leave him, he is and he will remain my mentor forever.

Mr. Jawad participated in many international arts competitions and took positions and medals in several of them. On a question about the scope of fine art in Pakistan, he proudly told us yes our countries art is on the verge of exploration, with the right guidance, proper government interest and platforms it can become iconic.

Mr. Jawad is one of the many examples of our society, who didn't surrendered to situations, who didn't played a victim of being unprivileged, who didn't let the surroundings of a slum to demotivate him, instead he showed us, how humbly one can achieve the success with positivity and containment.

The writer are BBA-H student at Iqra University, Karachi, and can be reached at

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