New Glenn vs Starship: Which one would you choose?

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The private space race has been on for some time, so we decided to look at its top contestants — Blue Origin and SpaceX to compare New Glenn vs Starship speed and New Glenn vs Starship size for a better understanding of these two vehicles. You will learn about the main difference between Starship and New Glenn so that you can determine if a New Glenn vs Starship battle makes sense in a scenario when space exploration reaches new heights. These two rockets are going through a heated-up battle right now. While SpaceX is working on putting people on Mars with a Starship, Blue Origin is ready to fly its heavy rocket called New Glenn.

According to Musk, we will have people on Mars living in a city by 2050. And Starship, with other similar space vehicles, will go even further into space as well. In September 2018, while he was talking about the 2023 trip to and around the Moon, Musk said that people could be depressed or sad about the future. However, dreams about using Starship for advancing our civilization in space make this future more exciting. In contrast to that, Jeff Bezos prefers to keep things here on Earth but thinks that space exploration is a must if we want to remain safe and happy on our planet.


Is New Glenn bigger than Starship?

A New Glenn Starship comparison is necessary from a size point of view first. Both space vehicles are bigger than the Statue of Liberty. However, Starship is somewhat taller — standing 120 m against New Glenn's 98 m. Further, Starship is two meters wider than Blue Origin's New Glenn. However, without different engines and side boosters, Starship is just 50 m tall. According to SpaceX, Starship will also feature several modifications and additional stages whenever mission goals require this.

The New Glenn is an impressive spacecraft as well, with the power to lift 28,600 pounds or 13 metric tons to the geostationary orbit. When it comes to lifting cargo to low Earth orbit, New Glenn has a payload capacity of 99,208 pounds or 45 metric tons. The most important selling point of New Glenn is its 7 m or 22-foot fairing. Blue Origin claims that New Glenn offers double payload volume compared to any other spacecraft in the market. This means New Glenn will transport heavier payloads into space — something that customers will be very interested in. However, despite such loud claims, Starship beats the competition with the payload it can carry — up to 100+ tonnes to LEO!


Is New Glenn better than Starship?


According to Orbital Today, a New Glenn vs Starship comparison can't tell us which spacecraft is better, as each has its specific purpose. Jeff Bezos showed New Glenn for the first time back in September 2016. New Glenn is a great improvement since the New Shepard, as New Shepard can fly only into suborbital space. New Glenn will also have a reusable stage for saving costs and ensuring that payload-to-orbit delivery is increased. And Bezos hopes that New Glenn will one day serve as a vehicle for helping more than a million people live in space and work there.

SpaceX's CEO, Elon Musk, thinks about rocket building differently. After launching Falcon Heavy orbital rocket back in April 2019, he is now focused on using Starship to send people to Mars. And Starship might take humanity beyond this planet as well. Revealed to the public back in September 2017, Starship should be better than any other space rocket developed by SpaceX so far. So, we can trust that it will take us to Mars. This dream no longer seems so distant now, as Musk is working on it.


Which is more powerful SLS or Starship?

Private companies are not the only ones developing innovative heavy-weight rockets, though. NASA plans to improve on one of its most prominent inventions, the Space Shuttle, with a new Space Launch System (SLS) for upcoming Artemis lunar missions. And even though NASA has done an excellent job of improving its previous technology, Starship is still more powerful both when it comes to thrust and payload capacity. SLS has 39.1 Meganewtons thrust compared to Starship's 70 Meganewtons. Regarding payload, SLS can carry up to 95 tonnes to LEO, while Starship should carry 100-150 tonnes. To lunar orbit, Starship should ensure a minimum of its payload capacity of 100 tonnes, while SLS will only be able to carry 27 tonnes.

However, SLS is not planned as a reusable vehicle, while both New Glenn and Starship will feature brand-new reusable technologies. This is their primary benefit, so there is no clear answer as to Blue Origin vs SpaceX which is the better question. After all, both companies have achieved excellent space exploration results so far and will probably keep pushing their list in developing innovative space tech.

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