November 2023 Path of Exile Events

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An explosive month of events, challenges, and chances to make your mark in Wraeclast

Hold Onto Your Helmets: Trial of the Ancestors League Delay!

First up, a heads up for those eagerly awaiting the Trial of the Ancestors League - we've got a wee delay till early December. But fret not! GGG's cooking up a trio of events this November to keep that Path of Exile itch satisfied. Whether you're the type who loves crafting intricate builds, delving into PoE trade, or you get your kicks from high-octane challenges, there's something for every kind of Exile. And guess what? No overlapping! So you can dive into each event without missing a beat.


November 3rd - The Krangled Passives Event

Okay, get this: imagine the Passive Skill Tree and all Ascendancy Trees threw a party and everything got... well, krangled! That's right, all the passive skills, notables, keystones, and more are scrambled”but in a structured way. Every Exile will be navigating the same wild tree, but here's the catch: you only get to see the details of passives adjacent to what you've already unlocked. And for those wondering about our Scion friends”they're sitting this dance out.


Rewards? Oh, We Got Rewards!

From haunting footprints to the eeriest golem pets, there are a ton of microtransaction goodies up for grabs. Reach different level milestones, and you're in for a chance to snag some of these treasures. And for the top-performing PC players, a full microtransaction bundle awaits, along with exclusive hideout statues for the best of the best. Console warriors, you're not forgotten”top performers there have their own set of shiny rewards.


November 10th - A Blast From The Past Event

Ever wished you could revisit some of those legendary PoE leagues from yesteryears? The Blast from the Past event is your golden ticket! From ancient Sentinels to the enigmatic Lake of Kalandra, it's all here. And of course, the Recombinators are back, so happy crafting!


November 17th - The Shifting Stones Event

Ever dreamed of being swarmed by 10 Tormented Spirits in Mud Flats? Well, either way, the Shifting Stones event is going to make that dream a reality! Dive into different league mechanics boosted by Atlas Keystones, but keep an eye on the clock”things shift every 15 minutes!


Rewards: An Exile's Dream Trove

Alright, Exiles, brace yourselves because what I'm about to unveil is nothing short of a Wraeclastian treasure hoard. We're not just talking about a few shiny trinkets here and there; we're diving deep into a smorgasbord of epic rewards that'll make even the most veteran among us do a double-take.

From ethereal footprint effects that'll leave a mark wherever you tread, to armor packs that are the very epitome of style and might, there's a tantalizing array of loot up for grabs. And the best part? The more you immerse yourself in these events, the higher your chances of walking away with these coveted prizes. Think of it as a thank-you from GGG for your unwavering passion and dedication.

But here's a little secret - it's not just about the grind. It's the thrill of the unexpected, the rush of the unknown reward lurking just around the corner. So, dive in, challenge yourself, and let the allure of what awaits fuel your adventures. Because, in Wraeclast, fortune favors the bold.



Alright, Exiles, that's the rundown for November. Whether you're diving into the scrambled passives or reveling in past leagues, there's a ton to explore and conquer. And hey, if you're looking to optimize your play or just chat about all things Path of Exile, you know where to find me. Dive into our Path of Exile November 2023 Events Hub for all the deets. Until next time, stay sane out there!


Closing Thoughts

Now, when it comes to events like these, it's crucial to be strategic with how you spend your PoE currency. Especially in events with scrambled passives or returning leagues, understanding the economy and maximizing your resources can make or break your run. So here's a tip: always keep an eye out for shifts in demand, especially in the Shifting Stones event. What's highly sought after one day might not be the next. Stay flexible, adapt, and above all, enjoy the ride! The joy of Path of Exile, after all, is in the journey as much as the destination. Cheers!

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