Olive Electronic Technology: Where Quality Meets Compassion in Healthcare

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Founded in 2006, Zhengzhou Olive Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been pioneering healthcare innovation for over a decade. As China's leading manufacturer and supplier of oxygen concentrators, high-pressure oxygen chambers, and related medical devices, Olive Electronic Technology takes pride in enhancing lives through technology on both national and global scales.


Unparalleled Product Range

Olive Electronic offers an unrivaled breadth of healthcare solutions:

1. Oxygen Concentrators: Our expansive selection of oxygen concentrators caters to diverse medical needs with home use, portable, and high flow models. By providing a reliable oxygen supply, these innovative devices empower respiratory patients with the gift of mobility and independence.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers: Beyond oxygen concentrators, we specialize in hyperbaric chambers designed to deliver pressurized oxygen environments for therapeutic purposes. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proven benefits such as accelerated healing, pain relief, and improved wellbeing.

Customization Services: We tailor products to specific requirements through expert OEM services, ensuring our clients have access to solutions that perfectly match their needs.


The Olive Advantage


Our products deliver outstanding advantages:

Enhanced Quality of Life: Patients enjoy drastically improved life quality with convenient access to oxygen and additional therapy from our chambers.

Independence and Mobility: Portable concentrators allow individuals to stay active through travel, exercise, and enjoying the outdoors.

Advanced Healthcare: Our high flow concentrators enable optimal oxygen delivery in healthcare facilities while our chambers provide cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment.


Rigorous Quality and Compliance

Olive maintains a dedicated regulatory team to ensure meticulous compliance both domestically and overseas. We proudly adhere to esteemed ISO 13485 standards and flaunt the medical CE mark across our products, standing firmly behind our commitment to quality. Our partnerships with leading domestic institutes also provide authoritative analysis and reports to reinforce our excellence in compliance.


Customer Service and Satisfaction

At Olive, quality and service go hand-in-hand as the pillars of our success. Our zealous commitment to precision and reliability is equaled only by our dedication to outstanding customer satisfaction. We provide comprehensive support services from data and sample requests to trust-building aftercare. In the healthcare industry, trust is paramount – and Olive proudly serves as a trusted partner.



Zhengzhou Olive Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is more than a manufacturer, we are innovators devoted to advancing global healthcare through cutting-edge medical devices. As we continue pioneering oxygen concentrators, hyperbaric chambers, and beyond, our commitment to quality, compliance, and customer service remains steadfast. With Olive as your partner, you can trust in healthcare solutions designed to transform lives for the better.

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