Meet Oluwafunmibi Babalola, a Hyperpolyglot Who Speaks 24 Languages

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Prosper Oluwafunmibi Babalola is a veterinary medicine student at the University of Ibadan. She is a writer. entrepreneur, and cultural enthusiast. Because of her exceptional polyglottal With her skills, she is often known as "Prosperlingua."

It's just her curiosity that keeps her going. There is no logical explanation. It's her entire existence. her interest in languages She is quite enthusiastic about it. It simply occurs. She hears a language and learns it.

She has been studying languages since she was a child. She recalls doing French and a little Latin in primary school and that I bought language books. She's been learning languages since she was old enough. to read and write.

She is fluent in German, Spanish, and Hindi. Korean, Japanese, Twi, Zulu, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Dutch, French, Latin, Hangul, Italian, and English are among other languages.

Prosper Oluwafunmibi Babalola

She has accomplished a great deal in She has learned to speak four languages, which has opened up inconceivable opportunities for her. People's reaction when they learn you can speak in many languages, has been short of amazing. Her most recent accomplishment is her viral tweet. She merely sent a She sent a casual tweet to promote herself, but before she knew it, her phone was It is practically exploding. There are too many alerts from individuals all over the world; People of different ethnicities were sending her messages offering her jobs. She's had several interviews and live videos. Celebrities, she has always admired were following her and sending DMs. "Everything was absolutely wild," she said.

Previously, she would go from church to church, presenting God's name in many languages. On multiple occasions, Hausa, in particular, has assisted her in obtaining suya, free transportation, and other benefits.

She did a lot of freelancing work for private people and organizations. Something significant is also in the works. But she cannot reveal it until the organization reveals it to her.

"There are several difficulties. Veterinary school is insane. Every day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., we hold classes. Also, you must restart as soon as possible to avoid being locked out. But when it When it comes to studying languages, I'm out of the ordinary. I understand how to To establish a balance For example, I've been using Duolingo for approximately a year without missing a day. So, how does this happen? It's all about consistency. To me, it's just a pleasant hobby. It's like getting away from the vet. school for me. I perceive it as enjoyable rather than difficult, "in her opinion

When faced with the gruelling challenges of sustaining her drive to learn more languages, she says, "I don't recall." I never wanted to stop, but there were days when I was too fatigued to continue. You've probably heard the expression, 'I've come too far to quit.' It's like It's always been a part of me. It has been my entire life. So, what makes me Is it time to resign now? I can't just give up. My enthusiasm keeps me going as well. When I'm exhausted, I recall how much I like languages. I'm reminded of How much I can't accomplish without language skills and that quitting up is not an option. "

What role do you believe languages may play? in creating unity in Nigeria?

She feels that languages may play a vital role. role because one of the major difficulties we face as Nigerians is linguistic. division. People don't understand each other and never will. So, if we can find common ground to accept one another's culture or learn about one another's way. of life, we will achieve much-needed unity.

And in a case where that is not feasible, Since it is often held that learning another person's language provides a window into their existence. You have a different view of the world. So, if a If a language exchange program can be established, we will gain ground in people's lives and eventually understand, appreciate, and love them. And, speaking from experience From experience, there is no way you could learn another person's language and not I fell in love with it. When there is love, it acts as a guidepost for growth.

What role can technology play in making the Is the process of learning languages easier?

She believes that employing technology will This will expose us to extensive apps that will help us learn languages faster. " I I can tell you that the major problem I've had in trying to learn some local The problem was that they don't exist on the Internet. For example, in Egbiri, I I googled and googled, but I couldn't find any resources online. Now I have to I had to meet people from that tribe for personal coaching, and it was very difficult. I got them to teach me at my own pace, "she says."

Is being a hyperpolyglot a talent or a curse? skill?

She states, "Well, I believe it is It is largely an innate capacity, but it can be learned. That is, learning, but for For those with skill, it comes naturally.

Although I believe that you can learn to In everything in the world, there is a difference between someone who knows it and instinctively and someone who goes out and learns it. Being a hyperpolyglot, on On the other hand, it is more of a talent, but if you study hard and consistently, You can learn it as a skill. She has an opinion.

Her ambition is to become a billionaire. A billionaire in whichever job path she finally chooses.

She has grand ambitions for using her language abilities to introduce others to the countless opportunities that Studying languages can provide Additionally, she wants to use these languages. in her films. She will start producing YouTube tutorial videos for these languages very shortly. Then they gain wealth and influence.

Although she is already concentrating on Although she still wants to keep the greater plans under wraps for the time being.

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