Online bingo vs. bingo halls - What is the difference?

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In the digital age, many of us have changed when it comes to our hobbies and behaviours. Whereas once we may have been happy to spend hours walking around shops trying to find the perfect gift, now we're more content doing this from the comfort of home. The same is true when it comes to playing bingo.

For years, people have enjoyed all that bingo halls have to offer, but moving online has added an extra level of convenience, and fun. We're going to take a look a look at some of the key differences between the two and highlight where, we believe, online casinos come out on top.


What is meant by online bingo?

For any beginners out there, online bingo is a game of chance. It's about matching numbers that appear as you hope for a full house and a big win. The game itself is the same as what you may be used to, with the difference being that you don't need to go anywhere. You have the freedom to play from a desktop, a laptop and even smartphones and tablets.


What are bingo halls?

Bingo halls are somewhere that you can physically attend to enjoy the game. Many people are fans of bingo halls thanks to the social aspect that they offer. They also love the opportunity to win top prizes, with some impressive jackpots available.


How do online bingo and the physical game differ?

In truth, there are plenty of similarities when it comes to looking at the land-based and online versions of the game. They're both games of chance and they both offer a great way to socialise. That being said, there are some differences to be aware of. Let's cover these now:


Bingo bonuses and promotions

One of the biggest differences between the two versions of the game is the bonuses and promotions on offer. While bingo halls will run occasional offers to attract new customers, online bingo sites take this to a whole new level. It's good to know that when playing online, bingo lovers can access this list of bingo bonuses.

The online space is highly competitive and bingo sites are keen to have you join them. That's why you'll come across offers such as matched deposits or free credits to play with. These give you a great opportunity to get more value for money, as well as more chances to win.


The variety of bingo games

No matter how big a bingo hall may be, it will always be limited by space. There are only so many games that they can offer and there are limits to how many can run at the same time. While some people may be happy with these limitations, moving online is a game changer.

Online bingo sites have no limits to what they can offer. That means that they can offer a vast number of bingo games for players to enjoy. They don't have to worry about making additional space or one game interfering with the running of another.


Sky high jackpots

Something that bingo hall goers like is the fact that there is the chance to win sizeable jackpots. It's often the case that one bingo hall will partner with numerous others so that there is a huge jackpot across a certain area. This winning opportunity may be limited to certain days of the week or for special events.

When you play online bingo, you can be sure that there are always spectacular jackpots on offer. Some of the prize funds on offer are nothing short of life-changing. The reason that high jackpots can be offered practically all of the time is that online sites have far more many players than bingo halls do.


The social aspect of bingo

One of the biggest appeals of bingo halls is the social aspect. These halls have long been a place where groups have got together and enjoyed a great night out. There are plenty of people who go for the company while the chance to enjoy a great game is just an added bonus. While some believe that the social aspect is lacking when playing online, this simply isn't true.

Each bingo game tends to have its own chatroom. This is usually moderated to ensure that everyone is kept safe. These chatrooms are used so frequently that players really get to know each other and they form real bonds. It only takes a few minutes of scanning the conversations to see what a great sense of humour bingo players have.


The fear of missing a number

If you play at bingo halls, there's a good chance that you've kicked yourself at least once as you've missed a number. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but at other times it can mean that you miss out on a win. With online bingo, you'll never miss a number again.

Many online bingo games will automatically check your numbers. That means no matter how many tickets you're playing with, you can be sure that every number is marked off. You can even walk away and still win the game, not that you'd want to!


You get to stay at home

While we've said that players really love the social aspect of bingo halls, the downside is that you need to make an effort! You need to get dressed up, you need to arrange to get there and you need to make sure that you can get back. Sometimes you'd really love to play bingo, but you just can't be bothered.

With online bingo, there's no need to leave the house. You can enjoy everything that bingo has to offer in the comfort of your pyjamas.


No closing time

When playing at a bingo hall, you're tied to the opening hours. If you want to play at any other time well, quite simply, it's tough. Online bingo is different.

When you play online, you can play at any time of day or night. There are no closing times so you can always find a game to get involved with. 

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