Operational Simplicity with the BigCommerce Chatbot

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With the concept of digitalisation at its peak, the count of online consumers has increased stupendously in the past decade. As of today, there are more than 2.14 billion shoppers who buy items online. This motivates the budding entrepreneurs to bring in more eCommerce stores, as there's scope to grow.

BigCommerce is one of those online platforms that help budding entrepreneurs set up their online stores with great features and functionalities. HireBigcommerce developer to get BigCommerce app development services to help you add customer-centric functions to the store. Hence, running an online business won't seem very complex!

But what's the most important thing that leads eCommerce businesses to win over the interest and attention of consumers in this competitive sector?

Well, one thing that's a staple for every eCommerce business is to provide a seamless shopping experience to the customers. Hence, this is why businesses have now inclined towards adopting eCommerce chatbots. BigCommerce, being one of the best eCommerce platforms, provides you with the flexibility of integrating one into your store.

Let's find out how a BigCommerce chatbot can ensure operational simplicity! Read along this article till the end.

Why Choose BigCommerce Over Others?

BigCommerce is the high-end eCommerce platform which comes with a hosted solution for all the new businesses. Setting up and personalising your virtual store over BigCommerce is quite easier than the other available platforms.

You get an abundance of features such as order management, payment processing, customizable storefront design, marketing tools and inventory management tools. It employs the SaaS business model and charges its users a recurring monthly fee instead of a one-time fee.

Being a cloud platform, you don't have to undergo the hassle of web hosting or software installation while seeking a BigCommerce store. This platform comes with ample advanced features that the other service providers charge a premium for.

For instance, you get the multi-storefront feature with BigCommerce, which makes it easier for merchants to manage their multiple stores under one roof. Selling the products in different currencies has been made easier with BigCommerce.

Hence, this is why you should choose BigCommerce over others!

How is BigCommerce Chatbot Responsible for Ensuring Operational Simplicity?

BigCommerce chatbots are AI-powered solutions that integrate the live chat feature on your online store. It instantly responds to your customers' queries or questions. BigCommerce doesn't provide you with a chatbot as default, as you have to get one developed and integrated into the store. Hire Bigcommerce developer to seek help in the process!

BigCommerce chatbot can help you cater to your customer requirements 24/7. The AI bot would answer the most common queries or questions by customers, depending on how the developers have trained the ML model. You don't have to run a full-fledged customer support team, even after office hours, to attend to the queries, the chatbot would do the needful.

BigCommerce itself is a powerful eCommerce storefront that helps enhance the customer experience of your store with impeccable features and UI. Having a chatbot integrated into the BigCommerce store would just contribute towards improving the user experience quotient and giving you more sales.

Here are some of the features of BigCommerce chatbots that explain its necessities:

1. Seamlessly integrates with the BigCommerce store.

2. Answers the queries professionally.

3. Helps customers with product search and other common services.

4. Gathers feedback and reviews after the checkout.

5. Pass on the information to customers about new deals and offers for the day.

6. Remains active 24/7 and collects leads and customer tickets.

Take help from the experts at BigCommerce agency to help you create a chatbot and integrate the required features for enhancing the UX of your store. 

What are Some of the Benefits of Integrating BigCommerce Chatbots?

There's no time window for anyone to restrict themselves from shopping over your BigCommerce store. So, why leave it unattended at the odd hours? You don't want your customers to feel like wandering in your store at an odd hour with no one to help them make the purchase decision.

Therefore, you can seek BigCommerce development and get your chatbot created and integrated right away. Do you still have any second thoughts in your mind about it? Well, these benefits below would add more clarity to your thoughts:

1. Quick Response to FAQs

Some of the customer queries are often repetitive, especially in the niche of payment, cancellations, shipping, product offerings, etc. So, it becomes difficult to engage your human support team to attend to these queries on a regular basis. This hampers the overall experience of customers, as solutions to complex problems will be put in a queue or delayed.

Bringing in a BigCommerce chatbot to the store would help you quickly respond to the common questions of customers automatically. You don't have to engage your staff for it.

2. Give A Shopping Assistant to Your Customers

With the use of AI algorithms, chatbots have the feasibility of analysing the browsing or purchasing history of the customers. Using it, the BigCommerce chatbot would recommend or suggest products to them, enhancing the personalization aspects.

Thus, it increases the rate of sales conversions and makes it easy for you to retain your customers. With someone to guide the customers on what to buy and what not to, you will eventually reduce your cart abandonment rate.

3. Better Customer Engagement

BigCommerce chatbot would help you increase your customer engagement rate on priority. As the virtual bot will interact with the customers or site visitors consistently, they will get all the required assistance on demand.

Chatbots can engage the customers with human-like conversations, which would entice them to take the given suggestions and feel helped while making a purchase decision. All the queries or concerns can be attended to and solved at the earliest to improve the experience further.

Parting Words  

Take help from the BigCommerce development services to get your chatbot ready on priority. But, let the team of professionals help you in assessing the pain points of customers, as your chatbot would be demanded to address them.

Experts would help you add a personality to your BigCommerce chatbot and even help you launch it across social media channels. Thus, your store will have a representative promoting your products or services across all platforms! 

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