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A football party isn't just a way to watch the game. It's a time to build relationships and show your kids how to casually entertain friends and family. When you're looking for Sunday football pizza deals, you'll find some great options with Papa Johns. This year, take advantage of catering with your favourite pizzeria to make your party even easier.


An American Tradition

Pro football is said to have been born on November 12, 1892. Football was relatively young at that point, with the first game between Rutgers and Princeton played in 1869. No one in that era could have ever realized the importance of football in modern culture. About 100 years after the first college game, football gave birth to the Super Bowl. Now, football game days are their own festivity. From pre-games in August through the playoffs in January leading up to the championship game, we can all agree that pizza is almost synonymous with football.


Building Traditions with Others

Traditions create special memories and foster relationships. Some families use traditions to connect to their heritage. Why do you make the same molasses cookies that Grandma made for the holidays? It's a remembrance of the good times you had with her and your other family members who may not be around anymore. Pizza is one of the best comfort foods in the world. It can be made in so many ways that just about everyone can enjoy a slice suited to their own tastes. Ordering pizza for your football parties creates a tradition with your loved ones.


Choose Great Pizzas With Yummy Toppings

Pizza sometimes gets a bad rap for being unhealthy, but it actually includes all four food groups, dairy, meat, veggies and carbs. Load up on vegetables, choose leaner meats and less cheese and serve it on a thin crust if you're trying to be healthier. Pizza catering lets you plan ahead for your party so you can really think about what types of pies to order for all the dietary needs of your guests. You can even get a pizza without cheese or meat for the vegetarians on your list.


Empowering Future Generations

Football parties are a great way to show your children how to get together with friends and family. Your kids can learn how to be a host at a casual event. This empowers them to create their own traditions as they get older. Maybe they'll continue to host football parties, but if they prefer baseball or ballet, their parties can be just as fun.


Plan Ahead For a Stress-free Party

Ordering your pizza and other menu items ahead of time will make your day easier. Instead of worrying about the food, you can focus on making sure your home is ready for the gang to invade. If it's just the family and friends, clean up the day before so you can enjoy your guests and the game. Papa Johns can bring the drinks, appetizers and even a dessert. Let us do the hard work of cooking and clean-up.

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