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Habiba Mujeeb Ur Rehman aims to support her family, her education, career and obliging to create a creative image for Pakistan through her paintings.

A land of diverse features, unique significance and unattainable beauty called Pakistan is full of nature's masterpieces. It has got the second highest plateau in the world called Deosai, the queen of Lakes Dudipatsar, the second highest mountain called K2 also known as the killer mountain. One of the most beautiful artificial lakes in the world located in Hunza is called Attabad lake. The house of skiing is Naltar Valley which is also called the magic carpet of Pakistan.

If we talk about the southern area of Pakistan, it has got one of the deepest ports known as Gwadar port, the beautiful beaches of Balochistan, the sapat beach, the Kund Malir beach, the golden beach, the Ormara beach are just to name a few. There are also lush green plains of Punjab and Sindh which do not only support the local food needs but also add beauty to the land. Ancient history also lies in this land. Pakistanis are lucky to witness thousands years bygone civilizations in their land, like their is of Harappa, and Moen Jo Daro.

The story doesn't end here. This land is the reason for some  of the greatest people that roamed this planet. People like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Fatima Ali Jinnah, Bilqis Edhi, Saadqain,Arfa Karim, Hina Jilani  have made our country proud. There are people who started from scratch, with nothing in their hands and  went on to become greatest inspirations for many generations. They are the ones who teach the younger people that whatever life throws at you, instead of bending down you need to get up at your feet and push through the obstacles of life to build a better life for you and people around you.


Born on 26 October 1999, Habiba Mujeeb Ur Rehman is the resident of Nazimabad 4, metropolitan of Pakistan which is a largely crowded place. Habiba Mujeeb Ur Rehman  is one of those people who didn't let the turmoil's of life move forward and stop chasing what she loves.

When she was born, her father left her due to the fact that she had daughters. One of the saddest dilemmas of our society is that daughters are something less than sons. Anyhow, the father moved abroad and stopped contacting the family because he wanted a son and he had four daughters.. She currently lives with her mother and grandmother. Her elder sister is a doctor.

Bob Ross Once said,

"All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind."

Miniature made by Habiba by some special technique adopted from Mughal period

Our star of today, took these words seriously and started painting to support her career, her home and started taking care of financial expenses. The first painting she sold was also due to financial reasons. She started taking interest in painting when she was in 7th Class. The first painting she made was if Islamic Calligraphy and sold it for three thousand rupees.

She has her expertise on the Islamic Calligraphy, Contemporary Art, Abstract Paintings, Landscape Paintings, Portrait, Sculptures, Miniature Paintings and Printmaking  which is very inspirational for a young emerging artist.

Habiba while making sculpture

Not only this, she also stood third on The Big Wow Competition  held on 30th September, 2018 at arts council Karachi.

Habiba Mujeeb is an inspiration for many around us. She is an living example of those who refuse to take the mishaps life throws on them end up in creating better situations for them and people around them.

She is straight forward setting up real life goals for people who do nothing but complain about their situations.

Complaining about something is not wrong but doing nothing about it is.And that isn't the case of Habiba she found her happiness and motivation  in painting, where she paints her journey, her inspiration. Like there is a famous quote that goes like this.

œPick up the brush of your struggles and your life can be the canvas

This is Bisma Asif studying BBA from Iqra university, Karachi



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