Pakistans First Self-Taught Tattoo Artist

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When your passion becomes your career

Published: May 21, 2022

Syeda Sumaiya Naqvi: Correspondent

Karachi-based tattoo artist Rameez Arif with his client.

Image Credit: Supplied


Rameez Arif is Pakistan’s first tattoo artist. The idea of learning the skills of tattoo making came into his mind, when his fiancé wanted to get a tattoo few years ago. Rameez bought few basic equipment online as there were no availability of tattoo equipment in Pakistan in that time.

After he got the supplies, Rameez first made a basic tattoo on himself to get a thought that how actually it works. The second tattoo he made for her fiancé, that day he concluded that he would take this ability to the expert edge. From basic fonts, minimal art tattoos, he has improved his skills to create portrait tattoos and now presently well known for his customized artwork.

Being a tattoo artist, especially in a country like Pakistan where individuals have various perspectives on tattoo making as indicated by their religion or culture, Rameez has an enormous amount of art lovers who appreciate his work to such an extent.

The prodigious artists now additionally renowned in the media industry as so many Pakistani celebrities are his clients and admire his talent. He also now teaches his expertise to the people who want to learn these amazing skills. The oneself instructed artist started with a small setup at his home firstly and after years of hardworking now he claims an entire studio which is situated at DHA, Karachi.

Sharing one of his biggest achievements, Warner brothers featured his artwork in their video game. For the future, “he is planning to get involved internationally for improving his skills and get more exposure”, he shared. The name he chose for his studio is InkGrave Tattoo Studio. InkGrave comes from engrave, he added. He continued, he exports each and everything from tattoo machines, needles, ink, and disinfectant sprays to after care products from US as hygiene is their first priority.

People are obsessed these days getting tattoos, since every person has different personality, different stories. Rameez and his team always make sure to sit and do make a little conversation with his clients before starting the procedure, in order to know them better such as their likes, dislikes or any story they had in their life which they want to keep with them forever in a form of art. They likewise concealments for old tattoos if somebody have any desire to conceal them. “These permanent tattoos are always personal, they can be plain or elaborate, and they serve as amulets, healing and status symbols, declarations of love, and even signs of religion”, he said. Something other than beautiful designs, tattoos are tokens of the remarkable stories that can be told on human skin.

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