Pakistans Vibrant Calligraphy Truck Art

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Mr. Rafaqat, A master of Truck Art,

Muhammad Uzair, Author


With expressive themes that appeal to the people, Pakistan's distinctive 'truck art' is becoming a great source of attraction for painters and art lovers all over the world. This distinct and relatively new art form is gaining popularity due to the use of various themes combined with indigenous motifs to communicate messages and represent the country's rich culture both at home and abroad. Trucks and lorries, are adorned with intricate floral patterns and poetic calligraphy, as well as images of Sufi saints and spiritual vagabonds, as well as the flying horse and falcon, in addition to popular political figures, national heroes, and famous cricketers.

Truck’s Lorries.


The popularity of the truck art

Truck art is popular due to the painter’s hard work and artistry, and each part of the truck is filled. Truck art in Pakistan dates back to the 1920s when Bedford trucks imported from England took over the country's streets. They had large wooden prows mounted on top of the truck bed. The ornate prow, known as a taj, or crown, was accompanied by decorative bumpers and wood paneling along with the cabin. When trucks began long-distance deliveries in the late 1940s, each company created a logo to help illiterate people understand who owned the truck. Popular culture in Pakistan is widely represented by moving canvases on roadways in the shape of trucks, which also serve as mobile billboards. Meanings derived from popular culture are well interpreted as accessible artifacts, films, clothing, albums, television shows, and ways of transportation. There is no clear or exclusive definition for the limitless that man experiences perceive, or obtains knowledge from. Beliefs, rituals, traditions, taboos, kinetics, and various items are all fundamental components of every culture. Truck art, as popular culture in Pakistan, brings forth a variety of experiences, sentiments, feelings, views, beliefs, and faiths via a coordinated amalgamation of pictures, words, and three-dimensional embellishments, and has a significant influence on the community.

“each company created a logo to help illiterate people understand who owned the truck”

Also Look In the picture thy show the company name

Rafaqat with his Paper Cut Art

The above is designed is made by using paper of different colors the paper is cut to make the design to the particular thing. The goal of this research is to understand commonly visible metaphors with allegoric, symbolic, historic, or current importance in the manner they are presented through images. This study provides a thorough introduction to a unique art that is an excellent merger of art and crafts in the form of heavy vehicle decorating and adornment. It also includes the decorative styles and materials employed, as well as the philosophy applied in various patent schemes and products. Truck art, like popular culture, is an attempt to investigate and uncover the deeper meaning of metaphors that are embraced by people in various ways. Analysis of commonly given signals via deftly applied epigraphy and poetic interpretations produces a sarcastic impact and makes it more enjoyable than its aesthetic worth. Rafaqat is a talented truck artist from Pakistan. He has designed from trucks to vehicles, with Pakistan's renowned and bright truck art. Rafaqat has designed many tucks and vehicles by using different colored paper by cutting them to make a design in traditional colors and pasted them on the trucks and vehicles. Rafaqat grew up in Karachi, avidly creating designs using paper cut art since the age of roughly seven years, learning the particular skill from his Brother at work point, as do the majority of truck artists in Pakistan. Rafaqat's house doubles as his art studio and art school, where he trains his children in the hopes that they would carry on the family heritage.

Rafaqat’s Paper Art and Tools

This is the collage of Rafaqat’s paper cutting Art

Significance of the Truck art

Contemporary Pakistani truck art has amazing ancient connections. The tradition appears to have assumed many different shapes and forms over the years, but the urge to beautify modes of transit has remained consistent. While the colonial link, post-independence immigration, and individual artist tales enrich truck arts history, portraiture is what demonstrates its rapid, consistent evolution on the world stage. An examination and comprehension of the global phenomena that truck art has evolved into necessitates a close examination of its portrayal. Truck painting in Pakistan depicts the state's road culture and has achieved commercial art status.

This is Muhammad Uzair, doing BBA from Iqra University, Karachi

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