Party Bus Safety Rules for Limo Owners and Clients

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When it's time to have an amazing and luxurious party, many people choose to rent party buses for hire. These buses are a popular choice for having a great time. But, even though parties are all about fun, safety is super important. Whether you own a party bus or you're someone looking to rent one for your special event, following safety rules is a must. It keeps everyone safe while they're having a blast on the party bus!

In this blog, we will break down the basic safety guidelines that both the owners and clients should adhere to ensure an environment that is not just fun but safe for all passengers too. 


Navigating UTC Safety Rules

Navigating UTC Safety Rules is crucial, ensuring that every bus trip, including transportation for weddings, is safe and worry-free for passengers. These regulations applies to all buses regardless if it is a big or a small one 

Starting off with UTC rule WAC 480-30-191 which states that for a bus traveling with 15 passengers, its company needs to have insurance of around $1.5 million.

With the number of passengers growing, the amount of insurance increases too for example. With a bus exceeding the passenger limit of 15, the insurance must be of $5 million. These insurances work as a shield for passenger's safety. 


And it doesn't stop there. UTC also adheres to federal rules such as: 

Driver Skills: Drivers need to acquire a certain license before they are approved to drive or rent a party bus. 

Time on the Road: A driver cannot drive without any break. There are a set of rules on how long a driver can drive before taking time to rest. 

Staying Clean and Sober: Before starting the journey, drivers need to go through a drug test to make sure they are sober enough to drive all the passengers. 

Keeping Records: Companies must maintain records of all their past trips to ensure they are adhering to the guidelines. 

Making Sure Buses are Fit: before getting passengers onboard, buses need to go through a safety check to make sure they are fit for the passengers to ride.

Learning and Training: Drivers take special training sessions before they are made responsible for a ride. 

Taking care of buses: buses need to be maintained regularly to ensure they are fit for a ride all around the year. 

And there you have it- a melody of safety, composed out of safety rules that promise a secure journey. Thus the next time you hop on a bus journey remember these guidelines as your favorite song that you listen to all ride long.


California's Safety Laws for Under-21 Passengers

In 2011, California instigated a special law called AB 45 centered around the party buses run by charter companies. These rules are extremely imperative to follow especially for youngsters.

The rule states that if the company allows the passengers to have alcohol onboard, they must ensure that every minor (under 21) passenger on the bus is accompanied by a guardian (chaperone). The guardian will be responsible for the following tasks: 

1. They need to sign an agreement stating that they have fully understood their job responsibility. 

2. They need to go through every passenger's ID, identifying who is underage and who is not. 

3. Before the journey starts, they must announce that drinking is prohibited for anyone under the age of 21 regardless of the circumstances. 

4. If they catch any underage drinking during the ride, they must report it immediately to the driver. 

And here is the real deal. If anyone underage drinks during the ride and something wrong happens due to it, the chaperone will be held responsible since it's their duty to make sure all youngsters travel safely and follow the rules. 

Beside that, here are a few more guidelines related to alcohol on bus journeys that you must be acquainted with.

No drugs allowed: regardless of the age, no illegal drugs can be bought on the ride or the passenger carrying it will be reported to the police. 

No smoking allowed: No passenger is allowed to smoke inside the bus, if they are caught doing so, they might have to face a penalty. 

No alcohol for minors: No underage passenger is allowed to drink alcohol onboard or they might be excluded from the ride. 

Lastly, as per the state law, before starting the ride, the driver must have an agreement with all the youngsters on the bus that under no circumstances they will approach alcohol to ensure a safe and sound journey for all.


Party Bus Safety Advice for Responsible Company Owners

Generally all party bus owners stick to the road safety rules however there is always a small percentage of drivers whose careless behavior stains the rapport of the entire industry.  For instance, around 80 to 90% of drivers adhere to all road laws, the remaining 10% are the ones who cause the real trouble. 

These companies also try to hide from the eyes of security which might catch them using unqualified drivers and vehicles. The catch here is that these companies offer their buses on a ridiculously low price, luring more and more customers in and putting their safety on stake. 

If you are a limo owner then here are some guidelines you must follow to appear as a responsible choice for bus journeys. 

Safety First: educate your clients on how the cheaper options do not value their safety at all. Most people are oblivious about the difference between high-priced and cheap party buses. Let your clients know how their safety is your primary concern. 

Show Who You Are: do not appear as a sketchy company who is trying to stay hidden from the eyes of authority. Put your company's name and vehicle number on the bus where it is apparent to everyone. 

Keep Things in Check: always have verified paperwork ready by your side to show that you are following all guidelines. Make sure your vehicles are in good shape and fit for long journeys. 


Bottom Line

Party buses are the symbol of thrill and having the time of your life with your loved ones however no fun is complete without safety. Whether you are the driver, the company owner or a passenger, sticking to rules is important for everyone. 

Remember, no underage drinking and everyone should buckle up while the bus is moving. Drivers need to be trustworthy, and the bus must be in good shape. And if you're ever curious about the rules, just ask “ being honest builds trust.

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