Passport to Success: Navigating Mumbai's best visa consultants with 6 Expert Tips

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With so many Indians moving to Canada for work, study, or business, you know something is going great. After all, the nation needs workers, especially skilled ones to be able to fill the labor shortage.

For safe and no-hassle immigration from India, what you need are the Best visa consultants in Mumbai. They are the true torchbearers of getting you to Canada in a certified and legal way. So why not trust your immigration with him? 

Whether it is to check your eligibility for Canada PR or plan the right documentation and do the submission, they do it all for you. Do not just go to any consultant and have your checklist with you before you even hire an immigration consultant.

This is why Top 6 tips to help you navigate the best visa consultants in Mumbai 

Tip No.1 - Book an ICCRC-certified immigration consultant

Do research and verify their credentials. If you thinking of migrating to Canada then it is best to hire a genuine who is a member of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. This is mainly a regulatory body for preventing people against any kind of immigration fraud.

You can visit the ICCRC website to check whether or not they are registered. You can search for their RCIC number, company name, and place. Before you invest any money or make a decision, you need to be sure of the authenticity of the immigration consultant

One such consultant is Nationwide Visas, who have over 16 years of experience in Check your eligibility for Canada PR. Being IRCC-approved means that the consultant is trustworthy and reliable. Ask your friends and family, and even do your research by visiting the official website and going to their office.

Tip No. 2 - Check with Experience and Specialization

You just cannot get your immigration done from any consultant that has opened their office in the last 2 years. What experience do they have in handling some difficult cases? This is why look for an experienced consultant with all the latest immigration law knowledge.

This can be validated with the help of client testimonials, both written and video. Agencies with a long track record know the complexities involved in different visa processes. Different visas (tourist, work, student, etc.) have unique requirements.

To handle different kinds of visa processes hiring specialists can be useful. Without experience your visa may be refused or worst even rejected. Depending upon your preference see who is the Best visa consultant in Mumbai.

Tip No. 3 – Read up on Client Testimonials and References

A good immigration consultant will have all their client testimonials updated from time to time on their social media platforms. Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are where you get to see all the client video testimonials.

Via references from friends and family, you know experiences about the services of the consultants. You get to know how genuine, professional, and updated they are. You can even look for written Google reviews where many write their personal experience.

Their success and application approval rate will also be clear to you when you refer to client testimonials. These write-ups and videos help you understand their experience with the company and why should you choose a particular one.

Tip No. 4 - Transparency in Fees and Processes

You cannot fail to check whether your Canada immigration consultant is honest about their fee structure. Even if it is slightly high for you, quality immigration professionals do not compromise both their price and quality.

Hidden fees or unclear processes can lead to complications later on. You can ask for a detailed breakdown of the fees involved and the services covered. Be it the Federal skilled worker program of Express entry or PNP like the Saskatchewan immigration nomination program, you need to know.

A reputable consultant will state clear information about what you are paying for and the reasons behind it. Many fraud consultants will pay lesser fees and cheat you on that as well. This is why it is better to know whether all the hidden fees as well.

Tip No. 5 - Communication Skills and Responsiveness

Once you have signed up with the immigration consultants of your choice, see whether they follow up. Proper communication between the case manager and the client is important for time-to-time updates.

This can be bringing an additional piece of document or another requirement. Always hire s. consultants with clear, responsive, and prompt communication. Do assess their ability to explain visa requirements, processes, or any potential challenges.

Tip No. 6 - Go and visit them at their Office

Many fraud consultants do not even have a proper office. Speaking on the phone is not enough, make sure you visit them and see their office setup. This is important if you want face-to-face consultation regarding your immigration concerns.

This way you trust them more with your time, money, and documents. After all, the Best visa consultants in Mumbai should pass this test. Your first interaction with them must be impactful to ensure you have all the possibilities as well as concerns.

Visiting the office gives you a sense of their professionalism, infrastructure, and overall work environment. Speak directly with consultants to check on their knowledge, their willingness to assist, and their commitment to offer quality service.


Your immigration is a personal milestone, whose responsibility needs to be given into the right hands. Nationwide Visas is one such name that provides you with the best quality immigration services at affordable rates. 

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