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Custom Rubber Stamps

The world of rubber stamps may not seem like the most exciting or glamorous industry, but one company has managed to make waves by leveraging the power of social media and changing the way customers view rubber stamps. That company is mypickledstamps.com, and their growth story is nothing short of impressive.

Founded in 2016 by a small group of designers and craft enthusiasts, mypickledstamps.com started as a side project aimed at creating unique and high-quality rubber stamps for the crafting community. However, it wasn't until the company started leveraging social media that things really took off with their custom library book stamps.


Virality of PickledStamps

The company's first viral moment came in 2017 when a photo of their "F*ck Cancer" stamp was shared on social media. The stamp, which was designed to raise awareness and funds for cancer research, quickly went viral and gained the attention of major media outlets. The company's Instagram account, which had been relatively small before the viral moment, suddenly saw a surge in followers and engagement.

From there, mypickledstamps.com continued to create unique and bold designs that resonated with their customers. They started creating stamps for everything from weddings and baby showers to political activism and mental health awareness. 

Each custom rubber stamp was designed with the company's signature style - bold typography and playful graphics - and quickly became a favorite among customers.


But it wasn't just the designs that drew people to mypickledstamps.com - it was the way the company used social media to engage with their customers and build a community. They used their Instagram account to showcase not only their products but also their customers' creations, encouraging people to share their own stamping projects using the company's hashtag. This created a sense of community among their followers and helped to build brand loyalty.

The company's use of social media paid off in more ways than one. Not only did it help to grow their customer base, but it also helped to drive sales. By showcasing their products in a visually appealing and engaging way, mypickledstamps.com was able to create a sense of urgency among their followers, who often bought stamps as soon as they were released.


What the Future Holds For PickledStamps

As the company continued to grow, they also expanded their product offerings. In addition to rubber stamps, they started offering custom stamp designs and stamping ink. They also launched a subscription service that allowed customers to receive a monthly selection of stamps and ink pads.

Today, mypickledstamps.com is one of the most popular online retailers of rubber stamps, with a loyal following of customers who eagerly await each new release. The company has been featured in major media outlets such as TodayShow and NBC, and their products are used by everyone from crafters and artists to small business owners and political activists.

The success of mypickledstamps.com is a testament to the power of social media and the importance of building a strong brand community. By creating unique and engaging designs and leveraging social media to showcase their products and engage with their customers, they have managed to change the way people view rubber stamps and create a successful business in the process.

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