Product Photography and its Value to eCommerce

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Billions of people shop online daily for all their requirements, from household items to fashion. However, to cater to the needs of these online shoppers, there are millions of sellers. Today, eCommerce is a cutthroat competitive market, and to survive and generate sales, you have to take measures that help you succeed. Product photography is one of the vital tools to ensure you can grab your customers' attention.

Whether you sell through eCommerce platforms like Amazon, social media platforms, or your eCommerce website, product images play a vital role. According to a market study, 75% of online shoppers agree that product images influence their purchase decision. That's 7-8 customers out of every 10. You must recognize the importance of eCommerce product photography if you sell online. This is why we created this guide to explore the impact of product photography on eCommerce businesses.


What is e-commerce product photography?

eCommerce product photography is capturing and creating high-quality images of products for showcasing on platforms such as eCommerce websites, online marketplaces, and social media.

With the rise of eCommerce and online retail turning into a multi-billion industry, the demand for online availability of services has skyrocketed. To hold steady sales, brands are putting millions of products through listings. The challenge is for customers to choose from hundreds of choices across categories. Product images help customers decide, which is why almost 75% of online shoppers make the final purchase decision based on the quality of product images.

eCommerce product photography help sellers with this requirement. Its primary goal is to present the products most appealingly and accurately as possible, encouraging potential customers to purchase. Product photography includes creating product presentations, maintaining consistency in images, and image editing.


Vital product photography statistics to know 

Several market studies show that investing in a professional product photography service like EtherArts US has several benefits for long-term success for online stores.

As mentioned earlier, high-quality product images encourage online shoppers to further engage with your products and decide; Justuno found that as much as 93% of online shoppers consider visual appearance affects their decision-making the most. This is why online sellers who invest in professional product photography almost double their sales and boost conversions too.

In another survey by eCommerce platform BigCommerce, 78% of American online shoppers want products to be brought to life with images. This indicates how much product photography helps sellers intangibly communicate with their customers. This is one of the reasons why you need product photography to make your online sales success.

Etsy, one of the largest online marketplaces for handmade items, found that product images are more important for customers when making a final purchase decision than other factors such as shipping cost, customer reviews, or the item itself.

All these stats tell us how vital eCommerce product photography is for successfully establishing your brand, gaining the customers' trust, and increasing their engagement for higher conversion and sales.


Why do you need product photography?

The virtual component of eCommerce is a boon when we consider the comfort of exploring millions of products at our fingertips but a bane when we think about the immersive experience. Shoppers need help to feel the product or turn it around. It sees it from all angles, so product photography is required to represent the products accurately.

Product photography presents the products in the best possible manner, encouraging customers. You can share information about features, design, or any unique factor through descriptive product pictures. On platforms like Amazon, where returns affect your seller's reputation, inaccurate representation of products can be disastrous. Professional product photography services help increase sales by providing an accurate picture of what the product is about.

You want your customers to think of you as something other than a subpar brand but as one that cares for shoppers' experience. You can achieve a lot by choosing a professional product photography service to create product images that accurately represent your brand.


Are you ready to start with product photography?

Whether you are a first-time seller or an emerging brand, product photography can be your ultimate tool for driving sales, improving customer experience, creating more engagement, establishing brand value, and much more.

Hiring eCommerce photography Atlanta service like EtherArts US should be on your action plan for long-term success. Hiring professional services is often challenging for beginners and small brands. However, with EtherArts US, professional product photography is affordable for everyone.

With a decade of experience, we have optimized our services to suit your budget, irrespective of the type of product photography. Whether that is conceptual, ghost mannequin, lifestyle, still life, or Amazon product photography, we promise to provide professional quality with consistency and at scale.

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