Proven Methodology For Restoring PST Files on a Windows Pc

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In Brief: This blog post describes how to fix a broken or damaged PST file. This blog post is essential reading if you're searching for a simple way to restore PST data as well. We will describe below how to manually fix PST files. Still, there are drawbacks to manual techniques. To restore PST files, we have provided a professional solution—the Softaken Free Outlook PST Repair Software—for this reason.

Let's examine the causes of faulty Outlook data files first, though, before we learn that.


What Factors Lead to PST Files Being Corrupted?

Outlook PST files can become damaged for several reasons. We'll examine the following in this section:

• Inadequate Outlook shutdown: PST file corruption might result from an abrupt, erratic Outlook shutdown.

• PST files have restricted size constraints; the size of the files is very huge. The PST file will get corrupted if its size exceeds its allotted space.

• Attack by a virus or malware: These programs can corrupt Outlook PST files and render them unusable.

• Broken Network Connection: PST files can get damaged if there is a break in the network connection while trying to view them.

• Insufficient Outlook upgrade: A PST file can get damaged if Outlook is updated to a newer version and the PST file is incompatible with it.

 All of these might be the cause of the damaged PST file. Let's now examine methods for restoring damaged PST files.

Guidelines for Handling Outlook Data File Repairs

The following is the manual process for fixing a PST file:

• Launch the Scanpst.exe Inbox Repair Tool. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ Office 16 is where you can find it.

• After choosing the PST file you wish to restore using "Browse," click "Start."

• A notice stating "Repair complete" will show up once the repair procedure is finished.

• To close the tool, click "OK.".

• Tap "File." "Open & Export" > "Import/Export." After opening Outlook,

• Click "Next" after selecting "Import from another program or file."

• Select "Next" after selecting "Outlook Data File (.pst)."

• After choosing the PST file you recently fixed via "Browse," click "Next."

• Click "Replace duplicates with imported items" after making your selection.

Constraints of Manual Trick Use

The manual technique has several disadvantages, some of which are listed below:

• Manual techniques take a lot of time and require technical expertise.

• Data loss is possible when doing manual repairs.

• Manually repairing broken or damaged PST files might be challenging.

• Manual techniques are not always trustworthy.

• Large PST files might be challenging to manually fix.

Automated Program to Retrieve Deleted PST Files

The majority of users prefer using professional software to restore Outlook PST files since manual approaches have unique limitations regarding data loss. Consequently, we have also offered a proficient technique called Softaken Free Outlook PST Repair Software. You can quickly and effectively recover all of the data from damaged PST files using this procedure, all without losing any data. The Outlook PST Could Not Be Found Error can be resolved using this program as well.

This method gives you the fastest possible recovery time for all of the PST data. This program is easy to use for both technical and non-technical people; no technical expertise is needed. You should use this technique to speed up the healing process if you run into trouble along the way. Let's sum up the entire essay in a few sentences.

Last Thoughts,

This article explains why PST file recovery is necessary for users. Here is where we discovered the manual PST file recovery method. However, there are certain drawbacks to employing manual techniques; therefore, to simplify the procedure, we also go over the automatic technique for recovering Outlook data files. You are free to select any approach that works best for you. We hope that the information on this site has helped with PST file recovery.

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