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Online job applications are becoming increasingly common as the world gets more digital. It might be tough to stand out from the crowd when recruiters get a large number of applications. Yet, if you use the appropriate strategy, you may improve your chances of being noticed and landing that dream job. In this post, we will discuss several tried-and-true methods for getting your online job application recognized.

Tailor your application to the job description

Recruiters get a large number of generic job applications that do not suit the post they are attempting to fill. This is a definite way to get your application rejected. Instead, read the job description carefully and personalize your application to show how your abilities and expertise meet the needs of the post. This shows the recruiter that you put thought and effort into your application and are sincerely interested in the position.

Make your application easy to read

Recruiters don't have the time or inclination to go through long, complicated job applications. Use clear, simple language and split up big paragraphs into smaller, more digestible parts to make your application easy to read. Make use of bullet points to emphasize important information and keep your layout consistent throughout.

Highlight your achievements

Don't merely describe your past jobs' tasks; instead, highlight your accomplishments. Did you raise your sales by a specific percentage? Did you implement a new method that saved you money? These are the types of achievements that will set you apart from the pack and demonstrate your worth to a prospective employer.

Use keywords

Recruiters frequently utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort through applications. Include keywords from the job description throughout your application to boost your chances of getting beyond the initial screening. This will assist the ATS in identifying you as a strong fit for the post.

Creating a Professional Online Presence

While applying for employment, having a professional online presence is vital. Make sure your social media pages, particularly LinkedIn, are up-to-date and professional. Make sure your profile is full and use a professional photo for your profile image. Having a professional internet presence increases your chances of being discovered by a potential employer.


While searching for work, networking is essential. Go out to your network and inform them that you are seeking jobs. Attend networking events and meet professionals in your industry. Networking might help you find employment vacancies that aren't publicized.

Follow up

When you've submitted your application, contact the recruiter to express your interest in the position. Sending a nice email thanking them for their time and expressing your interest in the role might be enough. It's a modest gesture that can help you stand out from the crowd of applications.


It takes time and attention to detail to have your online job application recognized. Understanding the job description, customizing your CV and cover letter, highlighting your achievements, developing a professional online presence, networking, and following up can all help you be hired. Remember to personalize your application for each job you apply for, and don't give up if you aren't accepted straight away. Continue to apply and improve your application until you receive the job you desire.


Q1. How many jobs should I apply for?

A1. It is determined by your qualifications as well as the availability of employment positions. It is preferable to apply for jobs that fit your talents and expertise well.

Q2. Should I include my hobbies in my resume?

A2. Your interests should not be included on your resume unless they are relevant to the job you are looking for. You can add your interests to your resume if they are relevant to the job.

Q3. How long should my resume and cover letter be?

A3. Your cover letter and CV should be brief and easy to read. If possible, keep them to one page apiece. Make your CV and cover letter easy to scan by using bullet points and brief paragraphs.

Q4. How can I stand out in a competitive job market?

A4. To stand out in a competitive job market, you need to customize your application, showcase your achievements, and create a professional online presence. Networking and following up after submitting your application are also important.

Q5. Is it okay to follow up with an employer after applying?

A5. Yes, it is acceptable to contact an employer after submitting your application. A follow-up email demonstrates to the company that you are truly interested in the position and can help you stand out from the crowd.

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