QR Code Menu / Digital Menus for Restaurants

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What exactly is a QR Code menu?

QR Code menus are digital versions of physical restaurant menu cards. Diners scan these QR Code menus on their phones to access the restaurant menu. The use of these touchless menus reduces the spread of the Coronavirus via physical objects that go through multiple hand exchanges.


Is a QR Code menu app required?

The simple answer is no. While an app can be used to deliver your digital menu, consumers will find it inconvenient to have multiple QR Code menu apps for each restaurant they intend to visit. QR Code menus are universal and simple to use.


How do restaurant menu QR Codes work?

1. IMPLEMENT: Place QR Code menus on table toppers, curb side posters, or directly at ordering stations.

2. SCAN: By scanning the QR Code menu, customers will be able to view the entire menu on their smartphones, avoiding unnecessary contact.

3. ORDER: They can place orders using this digital menu.


How to Scan a QR Code on a Menu in a Restaurant - Android and iPhone

Scanning a QR Code on an iPhone or an Android device does not require an app! It's a two-step procedure -

1. Scan the QR Code with your phone's camera and wait for it to be detected.

2. When the QR Code is detected, a notification appears. You can access the menu link by clicking on it.


Why is it recommended in COVID-19 situations in 2020 to create a QR Code for a menu?

Social distancing and limiting contact are at the heart of the new normal as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to reopening your restaurant safely, you must create a contactless mechanism that works flawlessly. A contactless menu has three options:

1. Disposal menu

2. Digital signage menu

3. QR Code menu


Disposable menu - While this is a temporary solution to the problem, it is not sustainable for the unprecedented COVID-19 future. The cost of printing stacks and stacks of disposable menus adds up, and this is a major consideration for the foreseeable future.

Digital menu signage - Another large investment that may not be feasible for most small and medium-sized restaurants.

QR Code menu - This is undoubtedly the most popular menu option for most restaurants. Here are some of the reasons:

1. They do not require any apps to scan them.

2. In 2020, scanning QR codes is a natural behaviour for millennials. This is due to apps such as Google Pay, Snapchat, and now WhatsApp, as well as new-age consumer brands using QR Codes for contactless product demonstrations.

3. The widespread use of QR Codes in China, as well as success stories from the country, have inspired the rest of the world to give them a try.

4. It is dynamic, which means that restaurants like yours can always change the menu to suit their customers' preferences.

5. It strikes the ideal balance between cost-effectiveness and rich customer engagement.


What exactly is a QR Code menu creator?

A QR Code menu generator is a specialized platform that allows you to create a QR Code for your restaurant menu. This QR generator is designed to meet the needs of a restaurant owner and her diners. But isn't a simple QR Code generator not the same as a QR Code menu generator? That is not the case.


What distinguishes a QR Code menu generator from a generic one?

What distinguishes a QR Code menu generator? For one simple reason: create an experience that your customers will remember. Aside from the basic functions of a QR Code solution, the menu QR Code requires additional features. Look for the following when selecting a QR Code menu solution:


1. When a consumer scans a QR Code, the information should not be downloaded to the phone. Ghosting unwanted files on a consumer mobile phone is a nightmare.

2. The platform should be able to upload multiple PDFs. This allows you to add breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus to the same QR Code.

3. Why should you be static when you can be dynamic? A dynamic QR Code allows you to change the menu whenever you want, so the weekend menu can differ from the weekday menu.

4. The QR Code should be multilingual. This means that when a phone with Spanish as its default language scans the QR Code, the menu is displayed in Spanish.

5. If you own a franchise, look for a platform that allows you to manage all QR Codes from a single platform and roll out changes at scale.

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