Questions to Answer on Your Wedding Website

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Creating a wedding website with vital information about your special day is an important step in wedding planning. FAQs on a wedding website can help guests plan their travel, accommodations, and other details.


What Are Wedding Website FAQs?

A link to a wedding website is usually included in wedding invitations. These sites, which are frequently templates, may include a FAQ page where wedding guests can find important information about the big day. The FAQ page on the wedding website can assist guests, particularly out-of-town guests who may require travel information. FAQ pages answer important questions about everything from RSVP deadlines and wedding registry information to wedding ceremony start times and other wedding details. FAQs help guests prepare for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, after-party, and other events.


14 Questions to Answer on Your Wedding Website

Weddings necessitate extensive planning. Include the following frequently asked questions on your FAQ page so guests know what to expect on the big day:

1. Can I bring my children? Inform parents and caregivers whether or not the invitation includes children so that they can plan accordingly.

2. Am I permitted to photograph the ceremony? Some couples prefer an unplugged wedding and prohibit cell phone use during the ceremony. If that is the case, you should be aware that an on-site wedding photographer will take photographs.

3. Do I get a bonus or bring a plus one? Couples may choose to limit the number of additional guests on their guest list. Make it clear on the invitation whether guests may bring a plus one.

4. How am I going to get there? Include directions to the wedding location and indicate whether or not you will provide transportation for guests. Inform guests if parking is available at the event locations.

5. What impact does the pandemic have on the wedding? Include any specific health and safety preferences expressed by the wedding venue or the bride and groom in this FAQ section. Also, consider whether or not people will be able to watch the ceremony virtually if they are unable to attend in person.

6. Is there an open bar? Inform guests if they will be required to pay for their drinks during cocktail hour and the reception so they can bring cash.

7. Is a gift registry available? Link your wedding registry with gifts at various price points so that guests can shop accordingly.

8. What are the weekend events and timeline for the wedding day? Give guests an overview of the weekend. Include the wedding reception location, event start and end times, and activity descriptions. To avoid confusion, keep any private events off the main website.

9. What if I have dietary requirements? Some people have food allergies or preferences. Inform guests about any restrictions or have them note it on the wedding RSVP.

10. Is there a dress code? Wedding guests must be aware of the dress code in order to plan what to pack and wear. Indicate whether the event is black-tie, semi-formal, or casual, and whether it will be held indoors or outdoors.

11. Should we bring anything? If you recommend that people bring certain items, such as umbrellas, sunscreen, or hiking boots, make a list of them on your website.

12. What is the hashtag for the wedding? Sometimes the engaged couple or wedding party will create a clever wedding hashtag that combines the names of the newlyweds. When people use the hashtag on social media, others can search for it and find other people's pictures and videos from the fun weekend.

13. Where do I send my RSVP? Include a simple form for an online RSVP on the website if guests should RSVP with a response card in the invitation. You could include the type of food available at the wedding event in the RSVP so that guests can plan their meals ahead of time.

14. Where should we stay? People may travel long distances to attend your wedding, whether it is a local or destination wedding. In this section, list some hotels or places to stay and, if applicable, include discount codes for hotel room blocks.

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