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MS Outlook is a popular mail client that saves data in two forms: online servers and local storage in the OST file format. If a user wants to open an OST file in another mail client or on another device, they will not be able to do so. To solve this problem, the user needs to convert Outlook OST to PST format for flexibility in switching the data to any location. To convert the OST files into PST generally, there are two methods commonly used, the manual method and the professional method. These methods allow users to convert the OST data into any file format or easily view the file on any device. This conversion process ensures highly secure data and reduces the chances of data corruption after the conversion into the PST file format.


Why do Users Need to Convert Files from OST to PST?

- When users face issues with their Outlook and try to switch their accounts, they need to transfer their data to the new account. To accomplish this, it is necessary to convert the data into PST format.

- OST files often become corrupted. In such cases, users need to recover the data using third-party tools. After recovering the corrupted files, users convert the data into PST format to import the PST files into any mail clients.

- Many users are aware of the potential threats to OST files, such as corruption or the inability to import them into other Outlook IDs or other email clients. For backup purposes, they prefer to convert Outlook OST to PST file format.


(I) Manual Ways for Converting OST to PST Format 

To convert the Outlook OST to PST file format there are Two manual methods. You can try any of them according to your convenience. 

1. Use the Import and Export Wizard method of Outlook

2. Change OST to PST Using Archiving method


# Manual Solution 1: Import and Export Wizard Method Process:

This method is the most effective manual method as compared to other methods, it's easy to do and time-saving so I'll refer you to go through this method if you are going to convert your file by using any one of the manual methods. I've listed below the steps of this method:

Step 1 - Launch Outlook then go to File 

Step 2 - Tap on the Open & Export

Step 3 - Then tap on Import/Export.

Step 4 - In the Import/Export Wizard, select Export to a file and tap on the Next button.

Step 5 - Select Outlook Data File and click on Next.

Step 6 - Select the files that you require to convert into PST and tap on the next.

Step 7 - Browse the file, where you want to save the PST file and tap on the next.

Step 8 - Select the Do not import duplicate items option and tap on the Finish button.


# Manual Solution 2:Change Outlook OST to PST Using Archiving method:

In this method users need to archive all the required OST files that they want to convert into PST file format then they can be able to convert files but there is a high probability of being stuck within the process and facing issues so to do this process users have to be little tech knowledgeable. Below I've listed the easy steps to do this method:

Step 1 - Launch Outlook then tap on the File

Step 2 - Tap on the Options then the option list will be shown

Step 3 - Tap on Advanced then click on the AutoArchive Setting

Step 4 - After clicking on the AutoArchive there will be customization options shown, here the user needs to select the required files and the folder location where they want to place the archive files. 

Step 5 - Then click on the ok button to archive the OST file later the archive file will be saved as a PST file.

The users can convert only emails, not all the attachments like calendars, contacts, and so on. (To convert all the Outlook OST attachments the reliable option is OST to PST Converter third-party tool, this method easily converts all types of attachments)

There are more limitations in the manual method that make it slower, less useful, and not reliable.


Limitations of the Manual method when converting OST to PST:

Below I've mentioned all the limitations of the Manual method based on my practical experiences:

1. Users are not able to convert more than 2GB data, when it crosses the limit there will be only links shown instead of files.

2. It can't be able to convert corrupt OST files

3. It takes a lot of time to convert data. If the data size is large then it can take several hours or a day.

4. High chance of OST file corruption and in this situation, users can't convert the data into PST files.

5. Users should have technical knowledge.


(II) Professional model Steps to Convert Outlook OST to PST file format

This method converts an OST file to PST without Outlook. There are various third-party tools on the internet but the most reliable and with a lot of features is Sysinfo OST to PST Converter tool. This tool breaks the all manual methods limitation and performs all activities swiftly which is not possible by using manual methods such as converting files in bulk with all attachments, recovering corrupted files, being able to convert OST to many file formats, and importing output files into other mail clients too, etc.


Steps to use Sysinfo OST to PST Converter Tool:

Step 1 - Install and run Sysinfo OST to PST converter tool.

Step 2 - Click on the Single file/Multiple or select folder that you want to convert OST to PST then click on the Next button.

Step 3 - Click on the select file or folder as per user requirements then click on open.

Step 4 - After opening the folder select the files that you want to export OST to PST then click on the Next.

Step 5 - Select PST format in save/backup/migrate as a column

Step 6 - Finally click on the Convert button then you will get your all required OST selected files/folder data into PST file format at your selected Local device folder.


Top advantages of using Sysinfo OST to PST Tool:

1. It is eligible to convert unlimited OST files into PST format as well as other 27 file formats.

2. Extremely fast to convert OST file to PST format. 

3. Advanced features to detect duplicate files and the option to delete duplicate files.

4. Users can directly import the OST files into Other Mail Clients. 

5. Eligible to convert or migrate corrupt OST files.



In this article, I have discussed two methods to Convert Outlook OST to PST file format, as well as their limitations and advantages. Based on my experiences and the information in this article, it is clear that Sysinfo OST to PST Converter is far superior to the manual method.

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