Rang De Karachi Spread Colors And Positivity

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A Youngster’s vision to make their country beautiful

Zohaib Ahmed Khan launched” RANG DE KARACHI "to remove the dirty graffiti in the city.“RANG DE KARACHI” is the Non-governmental organization. A energetic or proactive and committed youth of Karachi who want to make a change and work selflessly for the betterment of their city.

The idea generated from a young citizen Zohaib Ahmed Khan the organizer of Rang De Karachi.

In some areas of Karachi where walls are written low-level advertising like baba bangali / perfume chok even paan stains on the walls scores. some graffiti and piss stains now increasing day by day. The art of graffiti is evolving in Pakistan. For most Pakistanis the word still is synonymous with wall chalking, often of political or religious slogans, advertisements or even hate speech.

Zohaib Ahmad Khan would find himself irritate by the vile and scandalous writings splattered across the yellowing walls of the city . Zohaib decided that something must be done and he reached out to the district authorities and across their network of extended friends and family and soon and he launched an initiative organization under the name of Rang De Karachi which means, color up Karachi, is attempted to beautify the Pakistani city with art and colors and embarked on a journey to beautify the city's walls.

Zohaib Ahmed khan with his team

Zohaib says despite being an urban centre Karachi is flooded with dirt and garbage so he started this work with 2 artist and then he welcomed individuals from different backgrounds to collaborate with them to help clean the city. zohaib who considers himself a social worker is also a businessman by profession. He announced the campaign driver on social media and youngsters and women from various colleges and universities came along joining his cause as volunteers through social media. and now he has 2000 or more individuals having a place with all age gatherings. The campaign will run for some time allowing the young artists to display their impeccable artwork all around the stadium, giving a different look to the tourists and passersby.

Baradari park painted by “RANG DE KARACHI“


Karachi began their work in the Clifton Boat Basin zone where they cleaned the walls and pathways as well as changed them with show stoppers and this time” RANG DE KARACHI “ has painted 150 or more murals and completed above 12 projects like TEEN TALWAR ,POLICE HEADQUATTERS, THE QUAID’S MAZAR,BARADARI PARK AND

GULBERG ( JDC FOUNDATION) are some of the areas. He is also painted the walls outside the national stadium.

Plantation Activity



Zohaib said that a tree in its entirety has the ability to contribute each of its parts to sustain life. From its leaves to the roots and its bark, every part of a tree has something to offer and has profound value. To make you well equipped with the benefits, here is a breakdown of the categories of perks that trees provide us free of cost so Rang De Karachi initiated a campaign of Go Green Karachi by planting trees near the traffic signals. The trees will not only make the city look green but they will also provide shades to the people of Karachi in this scorching sun.

Wall chalking


He also says about his controversies during an activity he said one of the artists painted a wall like a flag of Pakistan and after some days there is again wall chalking on this wall. He also said that some political, religious, and business groups in the city are involved in wall chalking without permission and that the city’s aesthetic was being affected due to this It was also pointed out that wall chalking is also used to spread false information. And he is thinking about taking action against this wall chalking.

Wall painted by “RANG DE KARACHI”

Sometimes the smallest things we can do for our city can have the biggest impact . Zohaib said that People need to own their walls and streets. Some of the walls and pavements have been taken over by squatters while others are being used as garbage dumps. Zohaib’s only motive is that make their country beautiful and clean And that type of city that make you alive .

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