Realistic 5 TikTok Secrets that Increase Your Followers

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With Instagram and YouTube copying TikTok’s short-form content, it’s evident that the 30-second video formula is highly addictive. But even on TikTok, going viral isn’t easy. You need a mix of consistent, high-quality content and a bit of TikTok marketing. 


5 Realistic Ways to Increase TikTok Followers

In this blog, we have discussed five main points that can secretly increase TikTok followers.


Secret #1: Understand the TikTok Algorithm


Engagement Rate 

TikTok’s algorithm is very different from what we’re used to with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. TikTok pushes your content towards non-followers just as much as it promotes it to your followers. 


Your First Goal on TikTok: 

It should be to increase your engagement rate as much as possible. Engagement includes any like, share, or comment on your post, whereas an impression means your content has simply been viewed. 


Algorithms Changes with Engagement Rate: 

When your engagement rate increases, it sends a positive signal to the algorithm, which then recommends your content to a wider selection of users. 

Note: However, if it is undoable initially, starting with third-party engagement metrics involvement can come in handy. For example, you can buy real TikTok followers to ensure a steady growth of organic followers.


Click-Through Rate 

The click-through rate measures how many people visit your profile after watching your video. As your CTR increases, TikTok encourages more people to watch your content. 

If you can convince people to click on your profile, your videos will become more popular. 


Video Retention 


What is Video Retention? 

Video retention refers to how long your video can retain the audience’s attention. For YouTube, the average retention for good quality content is about 50% or above. For TikTok, the shorter your video is, the higher your video retention will be. 

The ideal short-form content ranges from about 10 seconds to 40 seconds. You need to put our hook in the first 2-5 seconds, or else your audience won’t be compelled enough to watch all of it. 


What Happens When Video Retention Increases? 

When your video retention rate increases, the algorithm automatically considers your content super engaging and further promotes it. When users are interested in their content, they use the app for longer, which actually boosts ad revenue and overall retention rate. This cycle is what will lead you to the snowball effect. 


Creating Enticing Content: 

When you’re on TikTok, your finger is going to scroll through millions of videos. You have to ensure your content is interesting enough for people to watch. This is where video retention comes into play. 

You have to directly address your audience to make them feel like your video is crafted just for them. Your hook should pique their interest. But don’t make the hook off-topic, or they’ll click off with disappointment. 

Note: To ensure video retention, you can hook people to the posts by revealing how many followers there are already. To do so, taking help from a third-party source helps massively. You can easily buy instant TikTok likes from a legit website or page. 


Secret #2: Find Your People

When starting your account, you probably have a vague idea about what sort of content you want to post and what kind of people to attract. Think about your niche and target demographic. 

If you have a TikTok Pro account, you’ll be able to see a lot more about your audience, such as their gender, countries, and age group. These details can help you make perfectly tailored content. 

You can even dive into foreign trends and hashtags to gain traction from a particular country. 

When you’ve figured out your niche and community, your next step should be to engage with fellow creators. Find local TikTok creators and collaborate with them to broaden your audience. 

Similarly, use your other social media platforms to bring followers to TikTok. This works exceptionally well if you already have a large following elsewhere. 


Secret #3: Use the Right Hashtags 

Taking part in trends will only be beneficial if you market yourself right. If you want a dance challenge, make sure to use the right hashtag. Hashtags have become secondary on Instagram, but they’re as fresh as ever on TikTok.

Study the way your competitors use hashtags and pick out the ones you think were most successful. This will take some trial and error, but there’s no risk involved, so feel free to experiment. 

If you’re running a brand or a merchandise store, create a branded hashtag to inspire people and conversations. Any phrase or word that resonates with your brand and immediately reminds people of you would work perfectly. 

Hashtags are also a good indicator of which subculture you’re part of. As communities get more hyper-specific on TikTok, so do the hashtags. 


Secret #4: Try to Utilize All the Functions on TikTok  

TikTok has become the holy grail for fun filters and special effects. It has lots of interactive features that can give your content a unique flair. And your job is to utilize as many features as you can. 

Firstly, you have to keep up with the music trends. Viral songs and audio bits are the soul of TikTok. Sometimes, there’s a trend based on just a few seconds-long audio. If there’s a trend going on, hop on it! 

Other than that, you also have the greenscreen features, on-screen text, and the voiceover feature. By using them together, you can come up with engaging skits about a funny incident. 

You can also use the duet and stitch feature to collaborate with other creators and their content. Engaging with other people’s content can suit both parties, making it a win-win situation. 

Experiment with different things, and see what best suits your style. The days of highly curated content are gone. People are now interested in authenticity and user-generated content. 

Make your profile reflect who you are, and people will eventually flock to you. 


Secret #5: Know When Your Followers Increase  

TikTok gives you a plethora of tools to use so you can get to know your audience better. One of the most important things you can use is to find out when people are online. 

These timings will differ for each creator depending on their audience’s age group, location, and several other factors.

Keep an eye on when your audience is most online and schedule around it. 


Conclusion: Realistic Secrets on TikTok to Increase Followers 

All in all, everyone’s TikTok journey will differ. If you use the right tactics, you’ll have a hefty following in no time. Keep your routine consistent, your quality high, and people will flock toward you. 

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