Reasons Behind Your Failures to Achieve Agile Localization Management

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The purpose of agile localization is to minimize the gap between your product development and localization processes for the sake of cutting down costs and enhancing effectiveness. Most of the time project managers are unable to meet the desired goals. It can happen for many reasons that we’ll be discussing in this article.

In a global enterprise, you’ve to get away with localization challenges and deal with the mistakes throughout the localization procedure. In all this, the role of a project manager is very critical and definitive in the success of your overall localization project.


Losing Track of Your End Goals 

It happens many times that you may lose vision of the localization project and be distracted from the actual goals. Lack of focus can lead to major mistakes happening throughout your localization project. It also reduces the effectiveness of project managers. That’s the project managers need to make the goals and vision of the localization project very clear to the localization teams.

Be very open to answering your teams’ questions to eliminate all sorts of misunderstandings. If a project manager is neglecting the open feedback from teams, they are likely to face more conflicts and failures in the project. So, with budget management, quality assurance, and establishing communication strategies, a collective mental clarity of your localization teams is another important aspect to avoid failures and handle your localization project smoothly.


Lack of Understanding of the Target Market 

To effectively go about your localization project, you should have a detailed understanding of your target market demographics. Unless you don’t fully understand the culture, business environment, and customer psychologies in the target market, you can’t really pull off your localization project management success.

Before starting your localization project, you need to conduct comprehensive market research to understand how things work in that market. Especially, when you are dealing in more than one market without proper research, it leads to failures and frequent mistakes. There are also some chances that your final outcomes are not aligned with the actual goals. You can use a professional cloud based localization management platform while targeting multiple markets simultaneously.  


Insufficient Data

If you want your localization to not go in vain, it is important to back your decisions with accurate data only. Most project managers totally rely on assumptions when it comes to making critical localization decisions. To achieve desirable results, you have to carefully evaluate the markets, customers, available technologies, and methods to keep things headed in the right direction from the beginning till the end.

You must not rely on online research journals' data that are publicly available. For your unique localization product, you need first-hand data collected to serve your specific product needs only. Through your customer's interviews and questionnaires, you can get first-hand customer data and use it to make informed decisions. So, making too many assumptions based on personal judgments and not using the data can be a major reason behind your failure to agile localization project management.


Not Investing in Skill Development 

It happens most of the time that project managers and teams get used to the current methods and techniques. They don’t want to get out of their comfort zones to adopt the latest technologies and train themselves to do things better. If you are not uplifting your team skills and training them to use the latest tools and technologies, you might not be able to cope with the changing dynamics of the localization industry.

Traditionalist companies always suffer when it comes to the adoption of the latest technology. When they don’t change with time, they end up losing control of things and start failing more often. Project managers need to take the initiatives to train their teams in using a cloud based translation management system and introduce new localization management methods to them to get a competitive edge and stay relevant with new landscapes of industry.

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Not Taking Responsibility and Blaming Others

 Being a project manager, you have to be mindful of your responsibilities. At the end of the day, you are the only one accountable for all failures and mistakes. Blaming each other or putting everything on the team will not do any good to your localization project. That’s why you should have a progressive approach to managing and viewing things. You must take complete responsibility for your localization project and teams.

It’ll not just help you get out of that toxic blaming culture but allow you to improve the problematic area. There is no one person to put blame on one when a project fails; it is a collective responsibility. So, focus on learning from failure and embrace it to do things better in the future.  

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