Reasons Why People Die When Semi Trucks Are Involved

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About 70% of all consumer goods in the United States are delivered by big trucks. This has helped the trucking business grow quickly. Even though trucking can be a good job with good pay, it also has one of the highest death rates of any industry in the United States. Since 2009, 52% more people have been killed in truck accidents.

Most of the people who die in accidents involving big trucks are not truck drivers. 68% of people who die in accidents involving trucks are people in other cars. Even scarier is the fact that heavy trucks are involved in 74% of all accidents that kill people.

Contrary to what most people think, most Truck Accident Lawyer happen on main roads, not on motorways or interstates. If a big truck and your much smaller car get into an accident, you and your passengers will need to take extra steps to stay safe. But accidents can still happen, no matter how hard you try to avoid them.

As was already said, the number of accidents involving semi-trucks and other large vehicles is going up all over the United States. Still, the best way to move goods across the country is by using big trucks. Since product demand is always going up, especially since the pandemic, there are more and more trucks on the road.

When you're on the road with big trucks, keep in mind that they can't see as well and move much more slowly than cars. When sharing the road with big trucks, drivers of passenger cars need to be extra careful. But even if you do everything you can to stay safe, you could still get hurt in a crash with a big rig.

Who was at fault in a truck accident?

Most of the time, cases involving a truck are more complicated than those involving two cars. Your first thought might be to blame the truck driver for everything. The problem is that your bad luck might be caused by more than one thing. In a truck accident case, some of the people who could be at fault are:

  1. A logistics company that hires truckers
  2. The company that makes trucks
  3. Transportation Company (that loaded the cargo)
  4. Insurance companies
  5. The bodies of government
Maybe the accident happened because a part of the truck broke while it was being shipped. It's possible that both the truck maker and the supplier of the part are to blame. 

How easy it is for you to talk to a lawyer is very important. Your lawyer will be an important part of the team that helps you get better, and they will have access to private information. You need someone you can tell everything to and know will always have your back. Most of the time, it's not a good sign if the lawyer treats you like you're less important during the consultation.

Experiencing Difficult Circumstances

Find a lawyer who has been in court before. Some lawyers are really good at getting insurance payouts quickly. They can do this with as little work as possible. 

How to Build a Good Argument

While you focus on getting better, a truck accident lawyer can do the following for you: Put together a claim to give to the insurance company or a court case to try to prove your case.

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