Reline the Dentures - When Should You Be Doing It?

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In recent times, dentures are one of the significant dental advancements. It allows a person to enjoy food and chew it correctly. That aside, it also helps one speak clearly and have a friendly smile. Additionally, dentures will enhance the total life quality of people suffering from tooth loss. But there are times when the dentures aren't in the correct fit and will need some maintenance from the expert dentist. It is here that you need to be aware of dental reline, which is a dental prosthetist that can ensure that the dentures fit you like new.


The dentures and their utility

Today, people who opt-in for dentures they have opted-in for a way of life. It is necessary for dental clinics to provide dentures that cater to the patient's need. The fit needs to be correct here. The best dental clinics carry out denture relines that can benefit people. To know more about this, you can check out Dublin Dental Care.


Understanding a denture reline

When your dentures don't fit you well correctly, it is time for a reline. Here the dental prosthetist will work towards changing the dentures which is in contact with the gum surface. The process is highly common and a normal part of getting dentures.


What is the reason for people acquiring denture relines?

Even though the human body is great, it can sometimes come up with a fault. When a person loses out on the teeth, the body automatically learns that the bone structure that was holding the teeth in place isn't required anymore. That means all the resources that get used for retaining the jawbone can get used in a better way somewhere else. And this causes jawbone shrinking. Even though the process is very slow, it gets noticed. When the jawbone shrinks, the dentures don't fit correctly.


How frequently do the dentures require a reline?

Generally, the dental prosthetist will conduct the denture reline after an interval of two years. The patient might need the denture to reline after two years and even before that. The needs keep varying. Each person is different, but two years is the average time that is required.


When must you reline the dentures?

It is crucial to know when you must reline the dentures. Not every person is aware of it. There are a few signs that you need to consider, and then reach out to a dentist who can help you. The prominent symptoms include the following:

- It has been close to two years since you got the dentures

- You are facing challenges in chewing and eating food

- There is a particular pain and discomfort which will not subside

So, once you get to witness these signs, you can get the denture to reline. Usually, it takes about two hours to get the job done, but at times it might take longer considering the teeth condition of the patient. But you can get it done within a day or even less. Allow your dentist to take a look at it and suggest the best way to manage it. 

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