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The La Liga season 2022/23 has begun, and a titanic battle between two of the greatest strikers of their generation, Robert Lewandowski, who recently joined a revitalized Barcelona team as a free agent, and Karim Benzema, Real Madrid's talisman captain and star striker, has not been seen since Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi left eternal rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona.

With the start of La Liga, Robert Lewandowski has quickly begun demonstrating why he may be considered the finest striker the world has seen in the previous 20 years, and for good reasons too.

Why Robert Lewandowski may be the GOAT

The phrase "greatest of all time" is commonly used in lists of superlatives to refer to the pinnacle manifestation of anything, from an athlete to a car. It is frequently shortened to G.O.A.T. or GOAT. And here is why Robert Lewandowski makes a strong case for being the greatest striker of all time.

By setting the Bundesliga's all-time single-season scoring record and helping Bayern Munich win another league championship in 2021, Robert Lewandowski cemented his place in history as the game's greatest striker.

Lewandowski was born and raised in Leszno, a tiny village west of Warsaw, where sports were in his blood even before he could walk. His mother, Iwona, was a former volleyball player, while his father, Krzysztof, had competed in judo and played second division football in Warsaw. His sister, Milena, had represented Poland at a young level in volleyball.

Like every great athlete, there is a lengthy journey to the top. In Lewandowski's case, it was actually quite a distance, as, as a teenager, his father would take him an hour into the city to practice and play with Varsovia Warszawa.

The matter was especially important because no one could completely appreciate the rangy paperweight youth's immense potential at that young age. The youngster was significantly different from the guy who is now one of the game's most physically fit specimens, despite the fact that he scored goals.

Mother Nature and her husband, Anna, whose university studies in nutrition and physical education assisted in her husband's transformation, would subsequently bring about the shift in physique. She and Lewandowski met while they were both in college and he was playing for Znicz Pruszków, the third division team he joined after being rejected by Legia Warsaw due to a knee injury. She won the bronze medal in the 2009 Karate World Cup.

He believed that his personal life had already been wrecked, which is why he did it. Just over a year before, Lewandowski had lost his father, which crushed him. But his mother got in touch with one of his old trainers, and soon he was training at Znicz. Nobody could have known, least of all Lewandowski himself.

He possesses all the qualities you look for in a striker, including physical power and excellent finishing. But he also possesses the skill set of a talented midfielder. It's like seeing a playmaker when he receives the ball in the middle of the field and passes it to the wing. His ally is the ball. Lewandowski claims that Jürgen Klopp, a former Borussia Dortmund coach, helped him hone his goal-scoring abilities. 

As the all-time highest foreign-born scorer in the Bundesliga, he has moved up to second place behind Thomas Müller, whose 365 league goals for Bayern may be just out of Robert Lewandowski's reach as he approaches his 33rd birthday on August 20, 2021.

Guardiola, the current manager of Manchester City, remarked in February 2016 that "He is the most professional player I have ever encountered." "He is always thinking about the proper diet, rest, and exercise. Because he concentrates on these things, he is constantly present and never gets hurt. He is always aware of what is necessary to maintain good health.

He definitely appears to discover a new cruising altitude just when you think he has reached his top.

In 2013, bronze-medalist Anna Stachurska from the karate World Cup married Robert Lewandowski. Even ten years after making his Borussia Dortmund debut, Mrs. Lewandowska, a renowned sports nutritionist, has assisted her husband in maintaining a consistent level of fitness and performance.

Along with Cristiano Ronaldo, the Polish record goal scorer is the fittest football player on the globe, thanks in large part to the workout regimen she developed and a diet free of fat.

At Bayern Munich training sessions, the athlete concentrates on intense routines aimed at enhancing explosive power. He likes to kickbox and do weights with his wife. Robert Lewandowski abstains from alcohol to improve mobility and shorten recuperation times following strenuous matches.

He has avoided injuries that may have ended his career because of his physical preparation and dedication, which has also allowed him to keep up his fierce consistency over the previous several years.

He scored a career-high 15 UEFA Champions League goals in 2019“20, the year in which he also set a new record for the most goals scored by an international player in the Bundesliga with 34. Then came his incredible, record-breaking 2020“21 season with Bayern, during which he scored 48 goals in just 40 competitive appearances.

Although Ronaldo and Messi are frequently cited as the two greatest players of this decade, the strong Pole has carved out his own niche and achieved unparalleled success. He is now widely regarded as the finest player of the last ten years. Lewandowski has an absurd degree of consistency when it comes to scoring goals, and his two goals in the German Cup final gave him his 50th for the 2019“20 campaign.

He has more leadership confidence now that he is the captain of his country's team, and this confidence is reflected in his excellent on-field performances for both club and nation.
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