What Are The Roles and Responsibilities Of Among Us Animation Artists?

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An animation artist must bring 2D and 3D characters to life, so they must be creative, artistic, and have a natural talent for animation.

Game animators must add emotions, personality, and reality to the characters. In addition to their animation skills, animators often know their way around code and game engines. Animators create libraries of motions to reuse them for each character in a game since animating those characters is frequently a complex blend of multiple forms of movement.

They function in a manner that optimizes the technological capabilities of the game engine and provides players with the most fun and engaging gaming experience possible.

This article will outline the roles played by game developers and the considerations they make while creating a game. But before that, let us know more about the game.

What Is The Game 'Among Us' About?

Among us is an online video game available for iOS and Android downloads since 2018 but gained popularity during the pandemic. It is a famous video game that can be played online with friends.

If you plan to take an among-us animation course, it will show you tips and tricks to start creating your animation and game graphics. But for the layman, we will explain how the game works.

The game's idea is straightforward: each participant assumes the identity of a crew member or an imposter. The members of a spaceship's crew have a series of pre-departure chores to do. While others, like "Fix Weather Node," involve many stages, the "Clean O2 Filter" assignment is relatively simple. The game, however, has at least one imposter who plans to wreck the ship and kill its crew.

After teams have been formed, players are free to roam the map and either complete their objectives or try to sabotage and eliminate fellow Crewmates.

Any surviving players will be summoned to an "Emergency Meeting" if a crewmate discovers a corpse or activates the central button on the map. As the players argue over who among them is the imposter and should be eliminated from the game, the imposter has to ace up their acting game and deceive other players.

It is a fun game to watch and play. That's about how to play the game. Now, coming to the development part. Let us focus on how an animator can create a fun and captivating game.

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of An Among Us Animators?

An animator of the game has to focus on the following parameters. This will also help budding creative artists understand how and why this game is so popular among teens. As artists, they have various responsibilities and technicalities that they need to focus on while developing the game.

1. Concept artists

2. 3D modelers

3. 2D/Texture artists

4. Environment Artist

5. Effects artist

6. Lighting artist

7. Motion Capture


Game designers conceive what products look like, draw up rough ideas, develop sketches into shapes that correspond with the game's intended vibe, and then transform the selected sketches into 2D or 3D computer graphics.

Some artists focus on character and figure design, others are architects or landscape architects, and others create textures for 3D models. Developers need to consider the technological potential and constraints of the platform the game will be played on, as well as the opinions of quality assurance testers.

Skills That A Video Animator Must Have

There are different types of animation, for example, stop motion, puppetry, traditional 2D, typography, pin screen, mechanical, and many more. Each animation requires a different skill set and requirements.

- Video game animation is a highly creative industry that requires many imaginative abilities. Learning the ins and outs of effective animation programs like Autodesk 3DS Max, Houdini, or Blender will provide you with the technical know-how to produce stunning and lifelike animations.

- In the process of making a video game, a lot of people have to work together. Thus an animator must work well with others and take criticism well.

- Another skill an animator must have is design perspective. For a player's best experience, a game designer must focus on design plus animation, which is essential for a game. Game animations must look good from all angles, unlike movie animations. The animator must ensure that the figure moves smoothly in any direction while using the arc notion.

- Understanding game technologies like Unreal Engine and Unity, in addition to the fundamentals of game design, can significantly increase the marketability of the designer and the game.



Nowadays, most games look realistic. Therefore, motion capture is becoming more popular to ensure the game looks and feels as genuine as possible.

As a video game animator, you should familiarize yourself with motion capture since more and more companies are beginning to employ it. Of course, you can still skip conventional animation altogether, but you should start with motion caption data before moving on to anything else.

Animation for video games has its challenges, but it also has the potential to pay very well. The free course on Simplilearn is excellent for beginners to start their journey into game animation. 

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