Roulette Payouts: Rules, Strategies, and More!

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Roulette payouts are another crucial topic if you plan to play this exciting classic gambling game. Check out all the info around the topic and enjoy top wins!

There are various gambling genres available on gaming platforms. Some of them are the easiest, chance-based slots, while others tend to need more skills to play and win. These other genres include relatively easier fish tables and much more challenging classic table games.

Classic tables tend to be the original gambling games. So, playing and perfecting them is many gamblers' greatest challenge and desire. However, if you are just getting started, it may be better to play more accessible games that do not require honed skills that would be needed, for instance, poker games.

The greatest choice from classic tables for rookie players is Roulette. Let's review the Roulette payouts from various genres and tips for winning the game. 


Roulette Payouts: Main Rules Of Popular Game

The main rule of Roulette is to predict and bet on the hole where the ball lands on the spinning wheel. The wheel contains numbers and colors. So, according to that, you can bet in various ways.

For example, you can bet on low, medium, or high bets. Also, you can bet on odd and even numbers and the color of the hole. Also, there are multi-bets available where you can bet in various ways at the same time and increase your chances of winning.

Now that you generally understand the game's concept let's review the Roulette payouts.


Payouts For Various Roulette Genres

There are various types of Roulette games available on the market. And all of them have different payouts. When you decide to play any, it is crucial to know its payout rules.

So, here are the 3 types of Roulette payouts for you:


American Roulette

Unlike other options, American Roulette has 38 segments of the wheel instead of 36. That's because it has green zero segments instead of 1. 

The extra green segment increases the odds of landing a certain number to 37/1. Because of that, the house edge of the game is increased to 5.3%, while the RTP is 94.7% - lower than alternatives.


European Roulette

Unlike American, European Roulette has 37 pockets instead of 38. As a result, the winning chance is 35/1.

That numbers give us the house edge of 3% and the RTP rate of 97%. Basically, their payouts are almost half of American Roulette.


French Roulette Payouts

French Roulette is considered to be the most refined version of the Roulette game. Unlike other options, French has numbers arranged horizontally. 

Some players think of French Roulette as a variation of European. However, in reality, it's significantly improved. There the numbers are also 37. However, the RTP is higher than 98%.

In addition, depending on the game, they can receive a 50% refund on odd/even numbers when the ball lands on the green zero. 

Before jumping into any game, it's better to understand the payouts you can receive from this special variation. 


Where to play Roulette

To play and receive Roulette payouts, you need to find a legit gaming website with real money payouts. Some of the best platforms for that are Bluedragon 777 and Vegas X. 

These casinos offer various types of Roulette games in their catalogs. As a result, when you register there, you get a chance to play them and decide which one is your favorite. 

Besides, real money payouts are guaranteed. So, check out the casinos right away and discover the best game titles. Enjoy betting on this amazing game, and win real payouts effortlessly!

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