Safeguarding Your Online Identity: A Must-Know Guide

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If your primary concern is online anonymity, do know that you are not the only one. Gone are the days when safeguarding your online identity in the digital world was a cakewalk. Nowadays, government monitoring, data breaches, and cyber assaults are major concerns. So, what is the solution to this pressing issue? Simple, Proxy servers!

Browser fingerprinting, tracking cookies, selling browsing logs to advertisers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and lack of knowledge on maintaining online anonymity are the main reasons why so many are having problems when it comes to safeguarding their digital identity. With proxies, your identity stays hidden as they act like a wall between the internet and your computer. If you choose one of the best proxy providers, third parties will be unable to track your IP address.

Want to know how this is possible? Keep on reading to find out more.


What do you mean by proxy servers?

Many users confuse VPN with proxy servers. VPN or Virtual Private Network ensures your actual location is not revealed when you are using the internet. Proxy servers, on the other hand, provide this option to evade censorship (web-based) on physical location and much more.

They are mainly used as an intermediary between the internet and users. Thus, this helps to protect, mediate, and secure the user's online identifying data. It can effectively put a veil over your IP address, allowing you to carry on with your scraping and parsing tasks safely.


How proxies can help to maintain your online anonymity?

Think of proxy servers as a special middleman who is the connector between you and the internet. You will give your information request to this middleman, and he will deliver this request to the internet address of your choice. The middleman is also responsible for forwarding you the reply of your request from the internet address.

Now, as this middleman is your friend and good at keeping secrets, the internet address will not find out that it is you who has sent the request. Whenever the internet address of your choice asks for the required identifying information, he provides his own information instead of yours for safeguarding your online identity effectively.

This is how the best proxy servers work. They are designed to hide your IP address with a whole range of other IP addresses.

So, when you are using a reliable proxy server provider, you can enjoy the following benefits:


High level security

You can use proxies to analyze if the website you are visiting has any malicious code. If such a code is detected, the proxy server will prohibit those malicious portions by adding a layer of security between your identifying information and the website's such code.


Concealment of your IP address

If you do not want any corporation or website to monitor your online activity, use a proxy server as their main objective is to hide your actual/original IP address.


Imposing restrictions

If you do not want any corporation or website to monitor your online activity, use a proxy server as their main objective is to hide your actual/original IP address.


Bypassing a second proxy

If you do not want any corporation or website to monitor your online activity, use a proxy server as their main objective is to hide your actual/original IP address.


How to ensure the proxy server is safeguarding your online identity?

So, are you ready to safeguard your identity with a proxy server? Before concluding this guide with how to choose the best proxy server provider, here is what you need to know to ensure you can hide your online identity effectively with a proxy server:


Right Proxy Types

From residential proxies to rotating proxies to SOCKS5 proxies, there are many different types of proxies that a reputed proxy server provider can offer. Each one comes with its own unique features and benefits. So, check out the different types available to decide which one will suit your browsing needs and budget the best.


Configure Web Browser

You have to prepare your browser to ensure it works well with your chosen proxy server and you are easily enjoying the benefits that it can offer.


Test Connection

To ensure you have configured your web browser accurately and you can effectively safeguard your online identity, test the connection first and then start your journey with your chosen proxy server.


Choosing the best proxy server

Only the best proxy server provider will be able to provide you with many different features that make safeguarding your online identity effective and easy. Take PrivateProxy for example. Some advantages you are bound to enjoy if you choose this well-known and well-loved proxy server provider are 100% network uptime, wide selection of IPs, no shared or public IPs, 24/7 support, wide geo distribution, and more.

Need more guidance? Visit PrivateProxy today!

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