Safety Cans and Type II Gas Cans - What You Need to Know

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Safety cans help mitigate fire risks by limiting the release of flammable vapors into the atmosphere. They feature self-closing lids with 100% leakproof sealing to minimize air exposure as well as chemical-resistant stainless steel flame arresters designed to stop flashback ignition.

They feature positive pressure relief caps to avoid rupture or explosion. Plus, they undergo rigorous drop tests to make sure they're strong enough for commercial use.


Type I vs. Type II

No matter if it's for use in your garage workshop or transporting fuel for service vehicles and equipment, having safety cans that are durable enough to withstand rough handling, impact forces, and harsh environments is of utmost importance.

The ideal safety cans are constructed of durable materials that withstand corrosion, and feature flame arresters to stop any ignition sources reaching their filler neck and sparking an explosion. They are an excellent option for home use since they were made to hold volatile liquids.

Galvanized steel safety cans are the optimal way to store gasoline and other flammable liquids safely in commercial settings. They typically meet FM approval, NFPA code 30 certification and UL/ULC listing to meet OSHA regulations regarding safe handling and storage of such flammable substances and solvents. Furthermore, these containers typically feature double interlock bottom seams with baked-on powder coat finishes designed to withstand environmental elements.



Safety should always come first when it comes to the storage of flammable liquids, including gasoline. OSHA and other regulatory bodies enforce safety can regulations regarding this matter and require approved containers with different features such as spout size and type as criteria for approval or compliance with OSHA safety cans for gasoline storage.

The ideal safety can for gasoline and other flammable liquids is constructed of galvanized steel to minimize fire hazards. Some are also rust resistant and feature chemical-resistant stainless steel flame arresters to stop flashback ignition and limit vapors and spills. Type II cans offer convenient dual openings designed to dispensing refills easily while their metal pouring hose spout with 7/8" diameter allows controlled dispensing; some also include release triggers to control flow rate during pouring and regulate pouring time. UL and FM approved versions can meet OSHA requirements for safe liquid storage capacity up to 5 gallons.


Safety Features

Modern containers specifically designed to store, dispense and transport flammable fuel or liquid are regulated to protect both people and property from injury and environmental hazards. The best safety cans feature a flame arrester screen which prevents fire vapors from spreading inside of them during any potential exposure situations.

Venting systems allow cans to release internal pressure without allowing liquid to escape through their openings, while their spout features an integral flame arrester to prevent flashback ignition while pouring.

Safety cans feature spring tension designed to lift their cap slightly in case of excessive internal vapor pressure, thus protecting them from bursting or exploding while still allowing a person to fill and pour from them easily. They must pass stringent strength tests for their pouring spout and handle as well as drop tests for drop tests; additionally they come in different colors to distinguish different flammable liquid types and prevent accidental mixtures.



An appropriate safety can is required to store and dispense flammable liquids and fuel safely, including OSHA standards-compliant containers UL-listed and FM approved that meet OSHA's minimum standards for storage of hazardous material such as volatile liquids. By controlling vapors and providing automatic positive pressure relief systems to prevent rupture, these containers help minimize fire risks.

Eagle's Type II Safety Cans offer easy use features such as a metal pouring hose with 7/8" diameter for controlled pouring and an auto-closing spring-loaded lid that automatically seals, closing automatically once filled up. Furthermore, the fill opening doubles as a vent to reduce splash back while pouring. These FM-approved cans are both DOT compliant and easy to identify due to their red baked-on powder-coat finish - ideal features in any safety can.

No matter if you are a mechanic or construction worker, Justrite offers this type II gas can to safely store gasoline and diesel oil. Featuring its patented manifold and proportional flow-control system for fluid flow control without glugs or spillage, its simple features keep liquids flowing without sputtering. Customers appreciate its ability to keep liquids flowing without sputtering.

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