Six Superior Alternatives To Zoom For More Effective Virtual Collaboration

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Although it's been around since 2011, Zoom really became a household name during the coronavirus pandemic, when many people started relying on it to stay connected with friends, families, and colleagues. 

While Zoom is certainly a fine platform when it comes to video conferencing, there are alternatives to Zoom that may be better for certain types of users.

Many Zoom alternatives offer not only video meetings but also a wide array of features to streamline collaboration and communication, ultimately contributing to productivity and helping you get more done in less time. 

Here are six video meeting apps you might want to consider instead of Zoom, depending on what your needs and goals are:


1. Spike (Best Overall for Team Communication and Collaboration)

If you really want to take your virtual collaboration to the next level, what you really need is an all-in-one team communication app that does more than just allow you to connect via video and audio.

This is exactly where Spike, our top overall pick for team communication and collaboration, comes in.

Spike is a unified team communication tool that, first and foremost, syncs with your team's email platform to turn traditional email threads into chat-style conversations, but that's not all Spike does.

This powerful Zoom alternative is also full of other features and functionalities that allow you to connect and collaborate in a wide variety of ways, including video conferencing, group chat, collaborative docs, to-do lists, and more.

In short, Spike goes far beyond just being a video meeting app ” it's a centralized workspace that you and your team can use to communicate and collaborate however you want!


2. Google Meet (Best for Google Workspace Users)

Google Meet is Google's response to the growing demand for video conferencing tools and is a more business-oriented version of the now-defunct Google Hangouts. 

Like Zoom, Google Meet offers a straightforward platform for video meetings with features such as screen sharing and real-time captions. One of its key advantages is its integration with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), making it a natural choice for organizations that rely heavily on Google's other productivity tools. 

While Google Meet may not offer the same comprehensive collaboration features as Spike, it excels in providing a simple and reliable video conferencing experience.


3. Microsoft Teams (Best for Office 365 Integration)

Microsoft Teams is another powerful alternative to Zoom that offers a wide range of collaboration features, particularly for teams that already use Office 365. It seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft Office applications, making it a preferred choice for organizations heavily reliant on the Microsoft ecosystem.

Teams offers chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and real-time collaboration on documents, making it a versatile platform for remote and hybrid work. Its integration with OneDrive and SharePoint simplifies document management and sharing for those who already use these tools, making it easier for teams within the ecosystem to collaborate on projects.


4. Cisco Webex (Best for High-Security Business Video Conferencing)

Cisco Webex is a robust and secure collaboration platform designed for enterprises. It offers a range of features, including video meetings, messaging, file sharing, and integrations with popular productivity apps.

Webex stands out for its security features, making it a preferred choice for organizations with strict data privacy and compliance requirements. While it may not have the same intuitive interface as Spike, it provides a comprehensive solution for high-security collaboration needs.


5. Discord (Best for Gaming Communities)

This option is a little different than the rest on our list, as Discord was built with gamers in mind. It's an ideal option if you want to virtually collaborate with a community of like-minded gamers or if you're just looking for a casual virtual space where you can hang out and chat with your gamer friends.

Like the other Zoom alternatives we've discussed, Discord supports video, audio, and text-based chat. For heavy users, there's also an option to upgrade the platform to gain access to HD video calls, larger file upload capabilities, and more.


6. Jitsi Meet (Best Open-Source Zoom Alternative)

Jitsi Meet is an open-source, free video conferencing platform that's gaining popularity for its simplicity and privacy features. It doesn't require users to create accounts, making it easy to set up and join meetings securely.


The Takeaway

If you want to facilitate effective virtual collaboration and communication, choosing the right tools is crucial. While Zoom has been a go-to solution for many, it's a good idea to explore alternatives that may offer a more comprehensive approach to virtual teamwork.

These six video conferencing apps offer a range of features and cater to different use cases, ensuring you can find an alternative to Zoom that suits your specific needs.

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