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He was born in October 2002. His father was employed at a company at that time. He cannot recall with certainty the succession of places he lived in during those early years. One day he wakened before morning, when there was a little moonlight, and he saw clothes hanging out to dry behind a house he was passing, the white articles looking to him like ghosts. He remembers lying on his back as he went along, and learning the art of whistling.

œPicture of footballer Muhammad Salah his favorite player.

At the age of 15 up to this time his intention was to become an engineer. He often talked with his mother as to how he should get into some "shop," as engineering establishments were called. She considered, and reasonably, that he was still too young for that kind of work. There was a family that she knew, and one of their sons had a small lithographic office. They wanted a boy, and it was decided he should go there for a year or so, till big enough to begin engineering. This was the turning-point of all of his boyish intentions. And in between he got inspired by a local artist.

œA girl from Baluchistan which he met on his journey there.

After getting inspired by the local artist he looked out for teachers and then he found one. He started learning some techniques from him at the age of 17. After that he took regular classes too and started drawing, in all that time he got a lot of chances to improve his skills and his art and so did he improve them. His time in sadder was very effective as he got to learn different styles. He pursued this art of his from past 03 years and till now he has given a lot of interviews in different news channels, newspapers and radios as well.

œHis favorite actor who died two years ago.

Camille Pissarro once said that "It is only by drawing often, drawing everything, drawing incessantly, that one fine day you discover, to your surprise, that you have rendered something in its true character." Sketch drawing is a niche which can grow rapidly in Pakistan because the people of this generation really likes these types of arts some likes to have their wall filled and some like to see sketches of their own or some beautiful fragments or some beautiful object and scenery. But apart from all this the goal of his future is not to become an artist but he wants to enhance more of his skills and want to pursue this art as a part time skill in his life. On this day, He was in the room from about ten in the morning till nearly 4 p.m. and he made a fairly good drawing in pencil of the head, as well as a more general sketch of this picture which he saw online.

œArt collection at his home.

After changing his department from engineering to art now at last he begins to feel happy doing this. After all these years he spent in this way and will be spending on this way, it is not without a feeling of regret he will at last realize that at least one part of my career has come to an end because he sees himself very productive towards his career and his skills in this art in coming five years. He has intended to learn new skills and enhance himself in art work.

The writer and editor are BBA Student at IQRA University

Muhammad Zayam Uddin (Author)

Muhammad Lateef (Co Author)

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