Spaces with Acoustic Wall Panels A Comprehensive Guide

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Achieving a good balance between aesthetics and usefulness is crucial in the field of interior design. The use of Acoustic Wall Panels

is one innovative approach that is gaining popularity. The Square Fabric Wrapped Foam Acoustic Panel 30/50/70mm from the ECHO brand stands out for its remarkable performance and adaptability among the many options available.

Making the Echo Range Public

The Echo line of products is known for its remarkable acoustic performance. It uses premium fabric-wrapped melamine foam absorbers to reduce echo and reverberation in any room. The heart of the precisely crafted Echo panels is made of Mtech Melamine foam, which is exquisitely covered in Camira fabrics, one of the best in the business. This merger creates a high-quality functional acoustic solution that is perfect for rooms with limited space and a need for absorption.

Low-profile and adaptable

Echo panels stand out for their use of open-cell melamine polymer in their production, which makes them lightweight and fiberglass-free. Because of this quality, Echo panels are a flexible solution that can be perfectly wrapped in more than 100 different textiles, offering a personalized appearance that fits in with any design.

Specifications for acoustic panels

There are three different thickness options available for the square fabric-wrapped foam acoustic panel: 30mm, 50mm, and 70mm. These panels provide a premium, handcrafted class A acoustic solution, treating reverberation and echo in a practical and affordable manner. Flexibility in application is ensured by the range of possible sizes, which range from 600mm x 600mm x 50mm to 1200mm x 1200mm x 50mm.

Benefits and Features

  • 1. A range of colors

  • More than 200 color selections that flawlessly complement your interior.

  • 2. Material Choices

  • To get the required appearance, pick from five fabric possibilities.

  • Application Simplicity 3.

  • With options for self-adhesive backing, it is simply mounted to walls or ceilings.

  • Fourth-Class Absorber

  • suited to environments with lengthy reverberations.

  • 5. Flexibility

  • Can be placed directly to walls or ceilings when needed.

  • 6. Easy to Maintain

  • The MTech foam core has received certification in accordance with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, and the fabric cover is quickly renewable and compostable.

  • 7. Compact and Strong

  • The panels' lightweight construction makes installation simple, and they are quite robust, giving years of outstanding performance.


The manufacturer of these creative solutions,, provides a wide selection of acoustic panels for a variety of settings, including the home, business, movie theater, school, and more. The company's manufactured goods come in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes, offering a one-stop shop for various project demands.

Office Space Acoustic Panels

Increased noise levels and echos are problems in open-plan offices, which are intended for collaboration. In order to address these issues and create a setting that is conducive to work and collaboration, acoustic wall panels become crucial.

Information on ordering and deliveries

The procedure is simplified for people who are thinking about using these acoustic panels. manufactures every item, guaranteeing the lowest costs available online. Orders from outside the United States are accepted, and a bespoke product service is offered for special project requirements.

Delivery Fees: Depending on the shipping nation, delivery fees change. To calculate costs, the online store offers a useful "Calculate Shipping" option.

Paying Procedures:

Card payments, BACS payments (with cleared money prior to delivery), and cash on collection are all acceptable options.

Delivery Period

Within 10 to 14 working days of the order being placed, the goods are delivered.


Finally, the use of Acoustic Aall Panels—particularly the adaptable Square Fabric Wrapped Foam Acoustic Panel 30/50/70mm from the ECHO brand—offers a creative remedy for rooms with acoustical issues. These panels provide not only practical advantages but also aesthetic customisation for homes and offices. Incorporating acoustic solutions into interior design becomes a wise decision as we learn more about the subtleties of doing so.

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