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Stonk O Tracker, a web application developed by an anonymous developer who claims to have a genuine interest in stocks, has recently gained significant attention from the so-called "meme-stock" enthusiasts on popular platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. However, the website has left many users intrigued and curious about its functionalities and accuracy. In this article, we will explore the features of Stonk O Tracker, its indicators, and what it means for AMC and GME stock traders.


Understanding the Stonk O Tracker Interface

Upon visiting the Stonk O Tracker website, users are greeted with a simple yet cryptic message displayed in an orange bar: "Stonk time in 7 hours, 19 minutes, and 54 seconds." This countdown timer appears to be a reference to the New York Stock Exchange's (NYSE) opening time, indicating a specific moment when stock trading activity begins.

Adjacent to the countdown timer, Stonk O Tracker displays information about AMC's stock, such as its cost during the time the NYSE was closed and a notable term - SSR, standing for "short sale restriction." The SSR is an essential safeguard imposed on stocks that have experienced a significant drop of 10% or more from the previous trading day, limiting relentless short-selling during such periods.

The website also features information about AMC stocks traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA), Europe's largest stock exchange, with the cost displayed in Euros. Additionally, Stonk O Tracker presents data on "Calls ITM Expiring," indicating the number of "In The Money" call options in the AMC inventory on a specific date.


Understanding the Tracker's Indicators

Stonk O Tracker provides valuable insights for both AMC and GME (GameStop) traders, enabling them to make more informed decisions. For instance, it indicates that if an investor chooses to buy a specific percentage on a particular date, the cost would be less compared to purchasing it on the open market at that time. This information can help traders strategize and search for favorable dates to secure shares at a fixed fee.

Furthermore, the website informs traders about the quantity of each company's stocks that can be borrowed quickly, which is of interest to short sellers. These short sellers typically borrow stocks from brokers, hoping for a price drop, and then sell the stocks back to the broker to profit from the difference. When an inventory is heavily shorted, the availability of borrowed stocks decreases, leading to potential challenges for short sellers.


The Role of the Direct Registration System (DRS)

Stonk O Tracker emphasizes the significance of the Direct Registration System (DRS) for shareholders who wish to protect their GME and AMC stocks without relying on a brokerage house. The DRS allows shareholders to have direct ownership of their shares, potentially making it more challenging for short sellers to manipulate stock prices.


Metrics and Metrics Monitoring

Apart from stock-related indicators, Stonk O Tracker also monitors "Reverse Repurchase Agreements" (RRP) or "Reverse Repos" and the "US Daily Treasury Statement." The RRP indicates the usage of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Overnight Reverse Repurchase Facility, a mechanism used to borrow securities from the balance sheet to withdraw more money from the system temporarily.

The "US Daily Treasury Statement" on the tracker provides insights into the Federal Government's coin and debt operations on a "modified coins basis."


Maintaining the Website and Seeking Contributions

Stonk O Tracker creator emphasizes that the website does not aim for financial gain and solicits contributions to cover operating expenses. Donations can be made through PayPal, with an assurance that any funds donated will be used for charity beyond the website's running expenses.


Accuracy and Considerations

Before users delve deep into the metrics and indicators provided by Stonk O Tracker, it's essential to acknowledge that there has been some debate regarding its accuracy. Additionally, users are advised to thoroughly understand the information presented on the website and exercise caution before making significant financial decisions.



Stonk O Tracker is a web application that has caught the attention of meme-stock enthusiasts due to its intriguing features and metrics. While it offers valuable insights for AMC and GME traders, users should exercise caution and research further before basing critical investment decisions solely on the information provided by the website. Understanding the nuances of the metrics and considering multiple factors can empower investors to make more informed and prudent choices in their stock trading endeavors.

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