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Isn't it time you stopped paying with paper money? I'm sure you can relate to the burden of always having so much cash on you, thus credit cards and checks have become the norm, but paying with checks online is a different story. These are the stores that take checks as payment, including options provided by trusted money lenders in Singapore. These days, there aren't many online stores that will accept a personal check.

We found out which online stores still take individual checks for online transactions, as well as how to pay with a check at each of them! Personal checks are still accepted by a few internet firms, despite the fact that they are becoming less frequent as a method of payment for online purchases.

Here are some Online stores that do accept checks as payment:

1. Photo Video B&H 

Follow these steps to pay by personal check: B&H's customer service number is (800) 952-3386. B&H will generate a quote and send you instructions on how to write your quote number on a check and mail it to them when you contact them. They can correlate the transaction to the payment.


2. Walmart accepts checks through its Pay with Cash feature. Choose "Pay with Cash" at the checkout when conducting an online buy. Then they take a personal cheque to their local Walmart or other business. The purchase will be dispatched once payment has been collected at the register. Please bear in mind that cash payments are not accepted for all items.

3. Appliances Connection

Call (800) 299-9470 to make a personal check payment. As soon as the check clears, the order will be shipped (which usually takes approximately a week).

4. Amazon 

To pay by personal check, go to the Shipping & Payment section of the checkout process and select "add a bank account." You'll be asked for your routing number, account number, name, address, and driver's license or state ID number after that.

5. eBay 

Personal checks can be used to pay for products that must be picked up in person, such as cars or real estate. For commodities in specified categories such as Motors or Real Estate, or for items that must be picked up in person, sellers can also accept personal checks.

After placing a winning bid on an auction item or checking out for fixed-price items, if the seller has elected to accept personal checks, it will display as a payment option.

6. Foot Locker 

Follow these steps to pay by personal check: Print and mail the Mail-in Order Form along with your personal check. Checks in excess of $500.00 will not be accepted. The following information must be included on checks:

(1) The check must be made out to Foot Locker.

(2) The check must be received within 15 days of the check's expiration date.

(3) The check must include your name, street address (no PO Boxes), and daytime phone number.

If your name, address, and phone number are not already printed on your check, print them in the upper left-hand corner before making any changes. The person whose name appears on the cheque must sign the check. Address verification, bank verification, and Certegy screening are required for all personal checks. Foot Locket will charge you a $25 service fee if your bank returns your check due to insufficient funds.


7. Samsung 

When you make a purchase and select to pay by check, money order, or wire transfer, you will be provided information on how to transmit your payment.


8. SmartBargains 

At the checkout, choose the option to pay by check. Make checks payable to and mail to 101 S State Road 7, Suite 201, Hollywood, FL 33023, Attn: Accounting Dept. Don't forget to give your complete name and address. It must be printed on the front of the check. Your order will be sent once your check has been received and validated.

9. QVC 

Select "check/money order" on the checkout screen, proceed, and then "place order" on the final screen. As soon as you place your order online, QVC will provide you the address to send your check to, as well as the order number, which you must write on your check. It should be emphasized that the client must check out using their password in order to pay by check. If QVC does not receive the check within 10 days, the order will be cancelled.

In Conclusion 

These are the stores that take checks as payment. These days, there aren't many online stores that will accept a personal check.


If they accept a check, you'll almost always have to mail it in and wait another week or two for your request to be completed. Your request will be processed in the same amount of time as if you paid with a credit card. A speedy option is to open a PayPal account and connect your bank account information. This allows you to pay in over 1,000 stores with an electronic check.

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