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Even though bathrooms are often the smallest spaces in our homes, at the same time, they can be the most eco-friendly spaces. How you wonder? 

Creating a sustainable and eco-friendly bathroom is pretty easy. You can make bathroom space more eco-friendly by simply reducing the amount of energy and water you use. In addition to that, switching to more sustainable bathroom products can also make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

If you’re trying to transform your bathroom into a green oasis, here are 8 easy steps that can help you out.

1. Reduce water consumption

Water waste is one of the biggest environmental problems. And our regular handwashing and teeth brushing can contribute to this waste. A lot of clean water just goes down the drain every time we wash our hands and brush our teeth without turning off the tap.

To prevent this, and to make your bathroom a more eco-friendly place, you should consider reducing water consumption. There are tons of ways you can do this. 

For example, you can shorten your showers, and turn off water when washing hands and teeth. Then, you can invest in low-flow taps or automated tapware that has controlled water flow functions. Also, you can reduce water waste by using the half-flush button when flushing the toilet.

2. Save energy with LED lights

The best way to reduce your energy consumption in the bathroom and everywhere else in your home is to swap incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. Not only are LED lights more energy efficient, they are also durable. They can last twice as long as your traditional light bulbs.

3. Ditch toilet paper

Toilet paper is a one-use product that contributes to deforestation and the destruction of important ecosystems all around the world. And we use it daily in our bathrooms.

If you want to make your bathroom more eco-friendly, the first thing you should do is ditch the toilet paper. 

The best and most hygienic substitute for toilet paper is bidets. Bidets are bathroom fixtures that spray water and keep your private area clean. Bidets in addition to being eco-friendly, also come with numerous health benefits. Luelue Bidet is a brand that offers many different bidet types, so you will find something suitable for your bathroom.

Apart from bidets, you can also invest in a smart toilet. Smart toilets feature technology that washes and dries you after every bathroom use. On top of that, these kinds of toilets are sustainable, don’t waste water, and don’t need harsh chemicals to be cleaned.

The third option you have is eco-friendly toilet paper made of recycled paper. So, choose wisely.

4. Switch to sustainable bathroom cleaning products

To keep our bathrooms clean, we often use some of the harshest cleaning products. Products that not only harm our environment but our health as well. 

To succeed in creating an eco-friendly bathroom, you should switch to sustainable cleaning products. Look for green cleaning products, or create homemade ones. Either one of these options is better than harsh and toxic off-the-shelf cleaning products.

5. Remove plastic from your bathroom

We all have a lot of plastic all around our homes, including bathrooms. Every time we buy a new personal care product, we add another plastic container to our bathroom. So, there are tons of single-use plastic containers and packaging.

But you can change this. After buying them, you can transfer or decanter your products into reusable containers and bottles. And the original plastic packaging can be recycled.

The other option is to buy products in bulk and in that way, you can reduce the waste that inevitably ends in landfills.

6. Use organic cotton and bamboo products

Did you know that cotton farming is pretty bad for our planet? Not only is cotton a water-intensive crop, but farming it reduces soil fertility, contributes to water pollution, and so much more.

And most of the towels in your bathroom are made of cotton. To make your bathroom eco-friendly in every sense of the word, you should switch cotton towels with organic cotton ones. Farming organic cotton is much more sustainable.

Similarly, since we mentioned ditching plastic from your bathrooms, that means your plastic toothbrushes as well. To replace them, you should get bamboo toothbrushes.

7. Replace PVC shower curtains

Most shower curtains are made of PVC which does very little for our environment. On top of that, PVC shower curtains are very ugly. 

These shower curtains aren’t recyclable and if you want to transform your bathroom into an eco-friendly oasis, you shouldn’t have such materials in there. Instead, replace them with linen, organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo curtains.

8. Swap one-use products with reusables

Women use a lot of one-use products in their bathrooms, from cotton balls, and cotton pads, to face wipes, and everything in between. These products significantly contribute to environmental pollution. And the funniest part is that they can be easily replaced with reusable pads and makeup removers.

To remove makeup and clean your face you can use reusable products such as microfiber or washable cloths. As for pads, today there are numerous alternatives such as period panties, menstruation cups, washable cloth pads, and so on.


Creating an eco-friendly bathroom has never been easier. It’s as simple as turning off the water when brushing your teeth, shortening your shower time, and switching to more sustainable cleaning products.

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