Teaching Your Toddler Dressing Skills: Guide for Parents

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Not long ago, you swaddled your little one, then noticed them crawling, and now they're already walking independently. Time goes by quickly, and many things about toddlers' future development need to be thought about carefully. Teaching toddlers to dress is one of those points, and it takes a lot of work. Parents should be ready to help their kids learn this skill step by step and know how to make the process fun and interesting.

There are undoubtedly many things to teach toddlers, from putting on socks to T-shirts and even more layers of clothing. There may already be clothing essentials in your toddler's wardrobe. Or you may be planning to acquire toddler boy outfit sets and fantastic toddler girl garments that you can buy at The Trendy Toddlers boutique. Simply remember that getting dressed is not a skill they will master overnight, regardless of how much clothing they have in their wardrobe. Therefore, let's dive deep into the topic to help you get fully prepared.

Why Should You Teach Your Toddler How to Get Dressed?

Helping your child learn to get dressed is as essential as teaching them other fundamental skills. The task requires your help and will be a lot of fun for you and your little one. There are many benefits to teaching your toddler this skill:

- getting time and space awareness;

- development of basic language skills;

- providing a sense of achievement;

- boosting creativity level;

- gaining individuality and self-confidence;

- growth of thinking skills.

That's not the complete list of advantages. Toddlers develop crucial fine and gross motor skills by learning how to dress, especially when they're zipping, buttoning, or putting on shorts while standing on one leg.

When to Start?

Toddlers often begin to be aware of clothes by pulling off easy-to-remove things. Have you noticed your little one putting off anything like socks, hats, or shoes? Have they tried to put them on again? That's a sure signal to begin teaching them how to dress properly.

Clothes Selection

Before we proceed to the prompts that can ease their learning process, it'll be better to name the clothing items that are the easiest to start with. If you've decided it's time to work on dressing skills with your toddler, then be sure you have easy clothes on hand:

- elastic-waisted pants or loose shorts;

- garments with fastenings like velcros or large buttons (button holes should be visible enough);

- underwear, T-shirts, and sweaters must have prints or pictures on the front (so your little one can effortlessly distinguish clothing front from the back).

Practical Tips

Now that you're ready with the appropriate clothing, it's time to understand how to help your toddler learn to dress.

Tip #1: Begin with Undressing

Taking their clothes off is easier for toddlers to accomplish independently, so it's a good place to start. After mastering undressing, they'll become more confident, and you can encourage them to learn how to put on what they have just taken off.

Tip #2: Prioritize Large Size

This tip will teach toddlers which body part each piece of clothing belongs to. Your little one can imagine clothing items like puzzles. The bigger they are, the easier it is to understand where they should be placed. The same goes for garments. Choose garments one or two sizes larger for the learning process to help kids maneuver their bodies while dressing.

Tip #3: Dress Together

Kids learn a lot by observing others, so give them opportunities to imitate. Walk them through the dressing or undressing steps slowly, so they can see how you do it and repeat your actions. Describe each step to your little one and ask them to do the same.

Tip #4: Use Related Words

Teaching them to dress by using related words and phrases will be fun. Thus, you can improve their language skills, widen their vocabulary, and teach them to follow simple instructions. Try to teach them the spatial and sequence words and clothing elements' names.

Tip #5: Practice Dressing While Seated

Toddlers are still learning how to balance. It can be much easier for them to try to put on and take off socks or find the right pants' leg in a sitting position.

Drawing a Conclusion

It's essential to make dressing lessons regular, but they shouldn't happen daily. Teach your child little by little, praise them, don't rush, and make sure you have enough time to explain each step several times.

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