The Basic Rules a Bicyclist Should Follow to Avoid Accidents

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Riding a bicycle can be beneficial; it is advantageous to health and is generally a healthy activity. It's also beneficial to nature as there is no burning fossil fuel while riding a bicycle. This is why Atlanta is quickly becoming one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the US. Atlanta has a 7.4km bicycle lane in the downtown area with 14 bike share and 150 bike rack locations. However, with an increase in bicycling activities in the city, there is also an increase in bicycle accidents. Following a bicycle accident, the victim can claim compensation if the accident is not their fault. The problem is Atlanta has many confusing laws regarding bicycle accidents. So, hiring Atlanta bicycle accident lawyers is the only way to get reasonable compensation without facing any hassles.

A few rules must be kept in mind as a bicyclist while on the road to avoid any accident that puts your and others' lives in danger. Here are a few tips that can be helpful:


Helmet and Safety Gear

Always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, and wear it properly so it won't fall out. In addition, the whole body should be adequately covered with a proper suit for riders; if not, then the parts of the body that will most likely have an impact on the ground, like the knee or elbow, should be covered.


Eyes on the Road

The rider should keep their eyes in the front and know where they are headed precisely. While making a turn, they should be able to see what's behind them with the help of a rear mirror. When a person is riding for a long time, they get more and more satisfied with their skills and sometimes try doing other tasks while riding, like using a cell phone which will result in catastrophe.


Be Noticeable

It is hard to see a bicyclist on the road than a car driver. However, remember that it is not like an accident will happen only if you make a fault. So be prepared for anything and use a headlight, backlight, or indicator to make you more visible on the road. Also, avoid dark clothes as they will make you less visible and off the other driver's sight.


Double Check

Make sure that the size of the bike is suitable for the body's size, and adjust the seat where you might be comfortable. Double-check the brakes, ensure that both are working fine, and you might hit something or someone. Check the tire's condition and air pressure before going for a ride.


Stay Focused

A minor distraction can cause severe damage and be death-causing. Make sure you are entirely focused at all times and avoid using electronic devices or listening to music while riding a bicycle.


Obey Laws and Rules

Some people think that bicycle is not a proper vehicle and that traffic rules and laws no longer apply to them. However, whether you are driving a car, bike, public transportation, or on foot unless you're not on the road, traffic rules apply to all.

By taking care of all of the rules mentioned earlier, you can ensure your safety and that others are passing by you. Nothing is more important than your safety so take all the preventive measures to avoid accidents. 

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