The Best, Easiest, and Most Flattering Hairstyles for Each Hair Type

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We've all experienced it: You save a pin on Pinterest or screenshot a popular hairdo that you absolutely love, and you go to your local hairstylist with complete confidence that the cut will turn out well. Then, an hour later, back home, you're hiding in the bathroom and panicking as you scramble to make yourself look presentable enough to go out in public. The style was exactly like the picture“only it didn't look good on you. This is because certain hairstyles are best suited to specific hair types. If you want to feel confident that your next trip to the salon will be a success, veer toward hairstyles that will best suit your hair type“because those are the styles that will be the most flattering and the easiest for you to maintain. Below are some of the best, easiest, and most flattering hairstyles for each hair type.

Curly Hair

Layered Curls

Layered curls are a great way to give your hair more volume where it needs it and less volume where it gets in the way. Additionally, layered curls allow you to frame your face in a way that best suits your face shape. Layered curls are particularly versatile when it comes to styling, and you can customize them to incorporate all kinds of hair accessories and extensions.

Curly Bob Cut

A curly bob cut is a great choice for a variety of face shapes. The tailored curly hair frames your face in the same way that a straight bob cut does, and the cut helps draw attention to your natural curls as well as your facial features (particularly the jawline and cheekbones). For those with thinner hair, be sure to choose a bob cut that is long enough to allow you to add layers to your hair.

Fringe Curls

For those with curly hair, a fringe look can subtly redefine the style of your hair. A fringe curl looks great on all shades of curly hair, and it creates a very natural and attractive look. Fringe curls were popularized in the '80s, but their success is no coincidence. There's a reason they're coming back in style! If you want to stand out and feel confident with yourself and your look, fringe curls are the way to go.

Straight Hair

Layered Lob

A layered lob is a great look for straight hair because it kills two birds with one stone: It utilizes thicker layers towards the crown of your head, which are stylish and help draw attention to your face, but it also utilizes thinner layers at the ends of your hair, making it easier to manage and giving your hair more dimension and volume. Another great thing about this layered lob is that it's relatively quick to style“you won't have to spend half an hour with a brush just trying to make yourself look presentable.

A-Line Bob Cut

A bob cut is always in style because it's elegant without being too serious. A-line bob cuts create a flattering and elegant frame around your face. The hair is cut shorter near the back of your head and longer toward the front. This women's haircut is often paired with asymmetrical or side-swept bangs, and highlights are often added to give the hair more body and volume.

Blunt Straight Cut

Blunt straight cuts are popular because they're extremely flattering, simple, and easy to maintain. They feature one even layer that will frame your face well at any length. Additionally, blunt straight cuts are easy maintenance due to the singular hair length. With this haircut, you can wind your hair up in a high ponytail for easy styling or spend a few extra minutes curling your hair on a special occasion.

Wavy Hair

Layered Shag Cut

A layered shag cut is a popular look because it offers versatile styling options and is highly flattering on all face shapes. If you have wavy hair, this cut will allow your curls to cascade down in soft waves of various lengths that add dimension to your look. Additionally, the cut is relatively quick and easy to style and maintain and requires only a few minutes to produce a look that looks like it took hours.

Bixie Cut

A bixie cut is a great choice for those with wavy hair because it creates a sleek appearance that is easy on the eyes. In addition, bixie cuts can help you manage your waves without eliminating them altogether. They're the perfect blend of professional and playful, and they can be paired with curtain bangs or asymmetrical bangs to add more depth.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can help bring your look to the next level. Bring back a taste of the 60s and 70s by adding curtain bangs to your hairstyle! Curtain bangs are evenly parted bangs that hang slightly across either side of your forehead“similar to curtains in a window. If you want to rock a retro look and be part of the movement that brings it back in style, curtain bangs are for you. Additionally, curtain bangs can effectively shadow acne-prone areas of your skin and give your hair the illusion of more volume.

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